Soul Correction: Slighted

slighted-she-was-trusted-and-valued-by-her-father-lovedSlighted is an optical illusion where you see that everyone else, or a certain group has everything that should belong to you.

I was doing the soul correction reading of a person yesterday who hates Jews, yet, married a Jew.

Her hate (Soul correction: Removing Hatred) is based on feeling slighted, and finding a cause outside of herself to blame.

Another soul correction that has this feeling ‘slighted’ as a foundation is “Share the Light”.

In the case of Share The Light, the person is very stingy with their actions, because they should just be given what they want, they should not have to work for it.

Success, knowledge, skills, love, attention, should be all given to them…


When your attention goes outward, and you see the outside of things, for a child’s mind it is easy to get caught up in the illusion that the other was given more, the other has it better than you, and that it’s not fair.

The soul correction for any version of feeling slighted is to tear the attention and the focus away from the “other”, and place it firmly on one’s own self.

rob-ford-slightedNo attention on the outside, all attention is on what YOU are doing, what YOUR attitude is, on what self-defeating things you whisper into your own ears.

Mostly what you’ll see, if you observe yourself long enough, is that you are actually quite clear of your own shortcomings, but abhor doing the work. It is more comfortable to blame fate, to blame the other, to cry “injustice” than to actually put yourself into the position to fail, which is inevitable while you do anything meaningful, anything new, learning anything.

If I hated failure as much as you do, I would have never come up with the ton of new and revolutionary stuff… failing publicly is probably the worst, but probably the most useful.

One can learn to completely ignore “the other” and their opinion, and pay attention only to what matters: what you do, your attitude, where is your attention, etc.

Yesterday, my longest student gave me a great feedback: She is an artist and a crafty crafts person. She is ready to de-sensitize herself to “the other”.

She has been putting her stuff on display in galleries and in craft fairs.

Here is our email exchange from yesterday:

Me: how is the craft show going?
Her: thanks for asking, Sophie

Quite meager regarding selling part, but I’m learning and getting familiar to be there in the crowd – the fear of the ‘big bad wolf’ has become negligible. Nothing is so frightening as the conceived fear itself.
In the end I will enjoy it… 🙂
Me: excellent. great learning experience. reality check. congratulations.
Her: thank you, thank you, thank you

I’m physically exhausted but in soooo good mood about myself
Me: wonderful. I am happy for you.
Her: :[/note][/note][/note]

Thank you,

I copied all the emoticons… so you can get the elation one has when they managed to overcome their lower self… the reluctant, fearful, small self.

That is soul correction at its “best”.

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