Osho vs. Andy Shaw

osho- the big show
andy shaw creating a bug free mind... innocent

As you can tell, I read a lot of Osho. I read it for the good stuff, and tolerate it for the bad stuff.

I put down the book about 3 times per page, to muscle test his statements that sound so authoritative, but don’t sit well with me.

Osho’s personal vibration is 300, and the truth percentage of what he says is 7%. Not much, if you ask me. It is even less than the 10% of Andy Shaw’s book. People use this 10% to poopoo the book “Create the bug free mind” as if you could find a lot of things with a higher truth value: not so, and you’ll see in a minute why.

The difference between the two people, Andy Shaw and Osho, is the reason the numbers differ.

Andy Shaw is near innocent. Osho is far from innocent.

I have found that most of the things that are untrue, most of what’s off,with Osho, most of what is blatant untruth about what he says is calculated, and benefits him. Andy Shaw is still learning, he is on the path, he wants to become all he can be, and he doesn’t know any better. I would call him naive, without the stigma other people mean, but I use it as an endearing term. He honestly wants to find out how it is, and the only resources he has are what others teach… he has no muscle testing, no master (there is none alive at this time… I am on my way, but I am not there yet, and maybe never will), so he has to work with what is: tree of knowledge b.s.

Here is an example: satsang.

The meaning of satsang is that if you are in the space of the highest truth, a high vibration person, a person who has a silent mind, it rubs off on you, you get quasi entrained to their inner state, their inner being.

Two things about that:

  1. Osho did not have a silent mind…
  2. Even if he did, entrainment is not automatic. Just like my audios (any of them) don’t entrain everyone, because your vibration can prevent you from being able to take on what is being sent to you, just like a rock will stay unmoved next to a tuning fork… they are not close in their vibration-ability.

So, satsang is a hoax, an opportunity to influence your mind, to create desire in you, to engage in the illusion of progress, to stay like a cult member… brain washing technique. You sit there, not to sit there, but in order to get something from the guru…. but…

No one can do the work for you. When you start doing the work, vibrational, energetic help is available, but only if you actually start doing the work.

I have a lot of programs, a lot of products. The only two things I have that don’t need you to do anything for it to work is the Energizer® to work on your water, and the Heaven on Earth liquid remedy… because the water in you is innocent… much like Andy Shaw…

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