What is intelligence, really? And how does intelligence raise your vibration?

tiger in the woods or tiger woodsWhat is intelligence, really?

In Landmark Education there is a saying that most people don’t get, but is profound: Your actions are in a perfect dance with how the world occurs to you.

Now, it’s poetic and all that, because of the funky words, dance and occur, but it is probably the most profound thing anyone can say… and it took me about 15 years to get it.

Let me explain first those two words:


Let me start with “occur”. Occurrence means seeing. You see the world in a particular way, not the way it is, but the way it comes through to you, through myriads of filters.

All those filters are meanings, about you, about the world, about the other, about how it is.

If you are a Hindu, life occurs to you through distinctions, like karma, and reincarnation. Karma is an invention of the mind, but that won’t bother you, if you are a Hindu: you’ll know that no matter what you do, you can’t change how life is going to be, but you also KNOW that you have millions of other lives, so why bother… So you won’t be bothered with any spirituality, growth, individuality, because in how the world occurs to you, it won’t make any difference. So your actions are going to be in concert, in harmony, in perfect agreement with this world view… you’ll be lazy.

occurrance depends on your point of viewIf you are a Catholic, life will occur to you as right and wrong, sin, or righteousness. You’ll feel superior, because Jesus will only take the Christians with him to heaven… You’ll also have learned that real happiness is only available in the afterlife, and the more chaste you and your thoughts are, the more chances you have to get into heaven.

Your religiousness will express itself with extreme opinionatedness and judgment, and going to church on Sundays and holidays… otherwise it is just judgmentalness.

Your life, your world view, your actions will be in concert with how the world occurs to you: this life is darkness, but if you can pull through, an afterlife is waiting for you… where you can be happy.


Perfect Dance

dance with… dance is a back and forth creative relationship with something… is really that concert, that harmony, that obvious action that comes from the occurrence.

If you hear a waltz, you’ll dance a waltz. If you see someone with threatening facial expression, you’ll shrink. If you see yourself as undeserving, you’ll try to create your own rewards: you can’t expect others to do it, after all you are undeserving.

Now, I could probably come up with examples by the hundreds, but the most important thing is that YOU come up with an example or two of your own. Now, warning: occurrence is transparent to you. The only time you can catch it when you make a mistake, and you can quickly turn around and catch the view that made you act the way you acted.

occurrance... explanation, point of viewI see it many times a day on people who ask for something, or buy something from me.

They must have the world occur to them differently from how it is, because they expect me to do things I don’t do, I don’t have to do, because I have systems for that.

So they buy something, and stop looking: they KNOW what is going to happen, so they don’t HAVE TO LOOK… they already know. They know they will get an email with the information how to get the stuff they just paid for.

Except that my site doesn’t work that way.

Now, let me introduce INTELLIGENCE:

red tide: god punishing or naturalIntelligence is the capacity to recognize that you have filters, that you already know everything, and that you are not looking… and then look.

You still won’t see everything the way it is, but at least the hypnosis is suspended: you break out of the sleepwalking for a moment… and then see what you see… and act in concert with that.

The less you assume, the less what you already know, influences you, the more intelligent your actions are going to be.

Perfection is: you see everything exactly the way it is, and your actions are always appropriate to how it is, to reality.

It’s a tall order, but it is possible to get more intelligent.

It’s not about thinking: all thinking is from the past… and it actually makes it impossible to look and see what is… the filter is strongest when you think.

It’s about seeing.

total-solar-eclipse-20151-665x385The reason it is so important to see and get conscious of how your mind works, how your world view and actions are distorted, is because seeing is more removing the filter than anything else.

If you don’t know your filters, you can’t remove them. It’s that simple.

I have been recommending the Creating a bug free mind for this purpose, and it’s working for some of you. But it needs self-observation, and some of you can’t even do that, because in your occurring world, you are either beyond it, or you are way below it.

If you pay attention, both are filters, or precisely said, a set of filters, that distort your view.

Both are detrimental, and if you have them, then you are hopeless, unless you can catch it.

The soul correction has nothing to do with the soul. The soul correction is your particular set of filters, that, for some reason I don’t understand, have something to do with your date of birth. Why? Beats me.

But your soul correction, at the very least, directs your attention to what you can’t see, because it is invisible: all filters are invisible, but some are more than others.

For example:

  • ‘A’ cannot see that she has desire to receive for the self alone. She can see the examples, but she can’t see the forest for the trees…
  • ‘B’ cannot see that there is hatred in his heart.
  • ‘C’ cannot see that feeling slighted is the foundation of her world view: and unless she removes it, it is an illusion, her life will remain the same: the occurring world, which decides her actions, her feelings, her attitude, will remain the same… no chance for a happier, more productive life.

It sometimes takes me months to find the fundamental distortion in a soul correction: it takes a lot of work for me, observing, testing, poking around, meditating, etc.

But eventually I get it, and when I get it, I let you have it too.

Your soul correction

But then the ball is in your court… and no amount of energy, energy remedies, voodoo, change in circumstances, will do you any good, if you are not willing to attack that little piece that keeps your world view together, and your life miserable, hopeless, and an uphill struggle.

When people ask me for a vibrational reading, I habitually ask: what have you done that you expect your vibration to have risen?

The answer that I’d like to hear: I have worked with me soul correction, and finally I can see the little piece that holds it together, and from time to time I can recognize it and let it drop.

That is the work. That is what causes your vibration to rise. That is what this site is about.

Next article will be: I have nothing to say in the matter…

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