It takes two to tango

dance-in-the-rainMy horoscope said this today:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Will you be the difficult wizard, Virgo? Please say yes. Use your magic to summon elemental forces that will shatter the popular obstacles. Offer the tart medicine that tempers and tests as it heals. Bring us bracing revelations that provoke a fresher, sweeter order. I know it’s a lot to ask, but right now there’s no one more suited to the tasks. Only you can manage the stern grace that will keep us honest. Only you have the tough humility necessary to solve the riddles that no one else can even make sense of.

That is really weird timing, because for the past day I have been wondering if I am out of step with the direction society, you, want to go and therefore I am out of step with life?

I am reading a book, Pendulum, that asserts that humanity has been living a 40/80 year cycle going from “ME” centered to “WE” centered, and we are in a WE phase… and every article I write talks against that.

This “horoscope” restored me to my rightness today… But… it takes two to tango








danceI am offering you methodology to live a life like a dance: graceful, joyful, blissful, while you want to stay the same, call your own shot, and only look at what I write as a “nice” option… but to surrender yourself for what’s possible, surrender your opinion for a life worth living? Oh no, that isn’t happening.

I had an intense night last night, so I stopped fighting it after four hours, and got up.

There was a comment on my biting mites site: one of my students didn’t like the solution I recommended, she hated it, so she is going to do what she wants to do.

Did it occur for her to ask (anyone!) if it will do what she intends to do? NO. She did not. It felt good to her, so to hell with what is working, let’s just pretend.

Remember that when I was in a 12-step program, I chose, for my higher power, “Whatever works”.

Do you ever look if what you fancy, what you crave, the solution you see works or not? I thought so.

One of my values is efficiency. Efficiency is a way of doing things that work, without wrong steps, without wasting energy and time. It’s like a dance: you don’t take time out because you feel like it: no, when you dance, you are interested in the dance, you become the dance, you surrender to the dance, and what works is to dance. With the music, with the partner, if you have one.

Now, what does this have to do with my horoscope? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything.

The best way to use my articles is to consider every article a mirror in which you get a glimpse of yourself, how you are, your hidden you. Your feverishly pedaling duck feet under the water.

No matter what I write about, your job, if you use this site the way it’s intended, your job is to see yourself. The hidden, not so pretty aspect of you.

If you do it diligently, then eventually, with enough seen, I can take you to the place where life is a dance, joyful, blissful, graceful, where life is worth living.

Without you meeting yourself, regularly, until you know yourself, there is nothing I can do for you.

Now, listen, this doesn’t mean you need to change… if you bring consciousness to your life, whatever is not you, the aspects that come from indoctrination by society, will fall away. Cowardice will fall away. Distrust will fall away. Wasting your life will fall away.

If you can meet yourself by bringing consciousness to the hidden aspects of your self, all that you don’t like, all that isn’t working, all that keeps you in misery, will fall away.

IF… I said. Most of you will still read my articles as interesting information that confirms that they are great, or OK… and then no consciousness is brought to anything.

You cannot bring consciousness and read with your mind. Bummer, eh? You cannot bring consciousness and read with your desires. Even bigger bummer, right?

But even the most stuck, most miserable of you can read the articles and find themselves in it, and meet them, face to face. You CAN do it, the question is: WILL YOU?

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