What’s missing from Rapid Peace, the Power of Now, and other books…

being identified with the mindEverybody and their sister is teaching you to be in the present moment, to surrender to the present moment.

I have observed people who loved it in Eckhart Tolle's book, and now I am observing a famous marketer marketing an ebook on the same principle. 1


There is always a but, have you noticed?

Everything of this genre works for some people and doesn't for most.

What is the difference between people, and how come the people teach it, don't know the difference? Because they don't...

be presentSome people, accidentally, maybe, or because of some fluke, know, do, be something that others don't, but because they actually never learned to do, be that, they have never distinguished it for themselves.

It is like music: some are natural at it, others need to learn it.
It is like balance, rhythm, grace... most will have to learn it...


be present
A distinction is a little piece of the puzzle, mostly invisible, because it is not on the level of the conscious, it is like the pedaling feet of the duck... peace on top, activity below the water level.

So what is this invisible underwater action that separates the peaceful people that are productive, demonstrate grace under pressure, and are able to take life as it comes... good, bad, indifferent, so they CAN be in the present moment, where there is never anything wrong?

I have been writing about it, but it takes about a 100 readings, 100 articles, and one successful trial to get it... Just reading will never accomplish it, never switch the little tiny switch that is responsible for peace, or alternatively, in your case, for your lack of balance, lack of peace, lack of productivity, your swinging mood, for your restless life.

The tiny switch is: where do you locate yourself?

It is not a physical location, mind you! You have seen fans going crazy on the stands of a sports game, so much that they kill...

And you have seen people, probably in a movie only, who keep their head about them, and do superhuman acts like it's nothing.

If you've been with me long enough, you know that I teach a lot through movies, and one of them is "Defending your life". Another one is "Bagdad Cafe" There are a few more, but let me find the switch on, switch off in these two movies:

7da39e8e795a8c167f5aba03e1767ffcDefending your life: the female character played by Meryl Streep: funny, light, enjoys life, runs into a burning house to save everyone and even the dog, one after the other.

The male character, Albert Brooks, no matter what he does, in life or in this transfer station, he is, emotionally, consciousness-wise in the middle of it... It is all about him, it is all concerning, him, it is all life and death.

Meryl Streep's character is looking at life from outside, while she is fully experiencing life, tastes, love, whatever, she is NOT STANDING THERE, she, the REAL SHE is observing, witnessing, i.e. she is standing in the WITNESS position. a little bit to the side, a little bit backwards... not in the middle of it, where the usual stressful experience of life hits you.

Bagdad Cafe: The owner of the cafe vs. the German woman... The Black lady, the owner of the cafe is completely immersed in every faint vibration of life, and reacts harshly, with shouting, or with depression. No power, no productivity, a life experience that can only described as hell.

The German Lady, on the other hand is never in the middle of it... and from the side, from the Witness position you can see a bigger picture, where nothing is a big deal, where it is playful, where it is all in a day's work.

So she is stranded with her husband's suitcase, not her own. She finds the magician's kit and learns magic.

She catches the cleaning girl touching her stuff... she turns it an impromptu fashion show.

She is asked to model for an artist, she goes and experiments how much nudity she can enjoy... that others enjoy too.

Don't you want to be like her? I did, that's probably why I watched it over and over.

Now, it seems that when YOU are in the Witness position, you don't enjoy life, but the opposite is true. You can only enjoy the moment of herenow if you are NOT in the middle of it.

Eating a bowl of hot soup is devine, but sitting in it is burning your buns... lol.

So, this is the little insignificant sounding step that everyone misses: some because they have it, by accident, unconsciously, and others because there is no one to teach it to them.

I first caught this during a meditation back in 1987. I wanted to revisit an incident in my childhood, but this time I had the idea to get a sideway view of it.

I didn't know about Witness, or Observer... but nevertheless I could watch it from the outside, and got two experiences of it, the one I experienced being in the middle of it, the victim of it, the horror of it, and the other one watching it like a movie.

The two views were so dramatically different, that for the first time in my life I had a direct experience that "it ain't necessarily so", that my one point of view is not true, in fact non of the points of view is the truth... Reality, collective hunch at best.

Since then, 1987, I can step outside of what's happening, and not participate in the drama of it, whether it's a deadline, whether it's slow traffic, whether it's mites biting, or the pipes bursting in the basement.


KreayshawnI used to have a friend who was bla·sé 2 , but it is just a coverup for dead...

Being the Witness is not dead, not emotionless, it is just even. The emotions, the thoughts that go on don't make the Witness different... it is like one person watching a movie: you don't suspect that they are an angry person, then a loving person, then a fickle person, because what they are watching is angry, loving and then fickle.

You are clear that the person watching is the person watching. It is the movie that is changing, not the person.

And that's what is missing: having a solid core where who you are doesn't change with every thought, with every emotion, every minute or two.

And without that no teaching, no matter how lofty it is, is going to make a difference.

Being in the present moment is not available to you until you get that little piece in... because being in the present moment requires you to have being... a constant, solid, unchanging being.

Only one percent of one percent has it... but you could have one... with just some presence of mind, and effort.


  1. A piano playing black-belt MOM reveals...

    "The 'Little Switch' That Lets You Immediately Enter A PRODUCTIVE State Of Mind, Get Laser Focus, And Enjoy Zen Calm..."

    ... no matter how stressed out, busy, or desperate you are!

    Long ago I, Jason Fladlien, discovered a peculiar paradox... that I still, to this day believe is responsible for most entrepreneurs NOT achieving their goals.

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    And it's killing me to know that everyone has it in their power...

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    Here's what's going on...

    At least 77% percent of people in the U.S. experience physical symptoms of stress.

    These include difficulty concentrating, racing thoughts, trouble learning new information...

    ... Headaches, lightheadedness, nervous habits, feet tapping, feeling overloaded, overwhelmed...

    ... Reduced work efficiency, poor productivity, feelings of loneliness... and so on and so on.

    Does that sound familiar?

    No wonder it's hard to accomplish anything!

    And, unfortunately... I know this all too well.

    Back when I was painting houses for $12/hour, I was also really stressed out.

    There was never enough money. There was never enough time. There was never enough energy... to do anything besides go to work, put in my hours, come back and lay on the bed exhausted.

    It was a vicious circle. And I felt trapped.

    But lack of productivity, focus and even happiness... is not even the biggest problem. The biggest problem with stress is...

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    It's not just your mental health and productivity that's suffering.

    Stress takes a huge toll on every single cell in your body.

    From your gums to your heart, from your brain to your lungs. It can make you more susceptible to illnesses ranging from the common cold to cancer, from heart disease to intestinal problems, from erectile dysfunction to anxiety attacks.

    There are multiple studies from the Mayo Clinic that link the probability of someone developing Type 2 diabetes if they experience high amounts of stress.

    And so on. Bottom line is... stress kills.

    Plus... 3/4 of the population is at risk. Statistically, that means MOST people reading this!

    So How Did I Go From A Stressed, Burned Out House Painter To One Of The Most Productive Marketers... While Being Calm As A Monk Inside No Matter What Happened?

    Well, I did actually became a monk.

    To the right, you can see a picture of me... when I was actively practicing. It's from a local newspaper in Iowa.

    What being a monk taught me... was how to be completely calm, in control and focused at the task at hand... which did wonders to my productivity.

    In fact... if it wasn't for this ability to calm down and focus - I wouldn't have made...

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    I wouldn't have had the resources to go after my dreams with so much energy I quickly surpassed most other marketers, many of them more experienced that me.

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    You Don't Need To Become A Monk
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    Most of people reading this don't have the time to become monks, learn how to meditate, learn a bunch of poses and then practice all that for years.

    What most of us need...

    ... Is a way to instantly de-stress and be productive, happy, and 100% in the moment, focused at the task at hand, right?

    It doesn't matter what exactly your goals are. This isn't just about making more money.

    Maybe your goal is to have enough energy to pursue your passion - like photography, guitar, or anything else - after your day job. Maybe you're just looking to feel better as you go on about your life. Or maybe you just want to discover how to be 100% in the moment when you spend time with your family.

    ... Or maybe your goal is to "just" protect yourself from an early grave!

    I'd like you to meet someone

    Her name is Karla Grove. And I haven't met her personally...

    But boy... am I glad our CMO, John S. Rhodes brought Karla to my attention.

    He told me she's always positive always happy, always in the moment... It's just incredible.

    She's a piano player (Fellowship from Royal School of Music in London, no less!) and a 3rd degree black belt at taekwondo. She teaches both taekwondo and piano lessons. And she's a mom.

    That would put anyone under a lot of stress... But not Karla.

    And she has a life-changing "secret" to share

    In fact... her approach isn't a secret.

    You'll read it everywhere. From Cosmopolitan to wishy-washy self-help books... to Tony Robbins and so on.

    Here it is.

    "You need to live in the present moment, the here and now, what's right in front of you, and focus on that one thing right now."

    Duh, right?

    How do you actually apply this though?

    I've seen hundreds of courses and books on personal development.

    And all of them just give you the theory. Then, you're supposed to figure out how to apply this to your own situation.

    Which is where most people give up.

    But what if you were able to just follow a simple set of instructions to actually apply this simple principle in your life no matter what it is you do?

    What could you achieve... if you were able to give 100% to your every goal?

    Work on your online business with 100% focus and energy. Spend time with your family while being 100% there for them, without worrying about anything else - money, work, bills, whatever. Excel at your job because you come in replenished and ready to rock... and so on.

    Sounds awesome, right?

    This is why it is with great pleasure I'm introducing a life-changing product we created together with Karla.


    Rapid Peace

    Instant Stress Reduction, Inner Peace And Zen Calm For Entrepreneurs

    When I reviewed Karla's course before publishing it... I was blown away.

    There's none of that fluff most personal development courses (even the expensive ones!) are filled with.

    Instead, you're getting short, to the point, HOW TO style instructions that you can immediately apply to your life.

    Here's what you're going to discover inside...

    • What the stress hormones really want you to do... This is the reason 99% of your stress is counterproductive & negative (and what to do about it!)
    • The anti-stress "switch" explained: the exact formula to destress no matter how noisy it is outside and no matter how many responsibilities and tasks you have...
    • How to deal with crazy schedules, unpredictable days, tough situations, and anything else life throws your way... (this is NOT designed to make all the difficult parts go away - they're important! Rather you'll learn to focus on what matters...)

    Oh and by the way... You're going to discover that in JUST the introduction. It's that amazing.

    Here's what you're going to discover when you read further...

    • Why stress isn't something BAD per se and how it can be a life saver, too (plus, how to tell when it's killing you and when it's saving your life...)
    • The counter-intuitive reason why most people can't find time to take care of themselves... (Get this: the more time you spend on replenishing yourself the more time you start to have - if you follow these simple instructions!)
    • Why three out of four doctor's visits are for stress-related ailments (In fact... it costs the US $300 billion every year in medical bills and lost productivity. United States population is around 300 million. That means EVERY single one of us loses least $1,000 per year!)
    • How to "switch off" the learned behaviour that puts more and more stress on your shoulders... faster than it takes to turn on your TV!
    • Why you as an internet marketer might have the toughest challenge in the world when it comes to focusing on your goals... and how you can wake up productive and focused as soon as tomorrow morning

    Here's the deal...

    What we have looked at so far... is just the beginning of this guide. It's short if you count the pages... but it does NOT come up short when we're looking at the value of this.

    Going through material like this is a life-changing experience. Just look at what else you're going to discover...

    • If you're thinking "I don't have time for this!" then you need it the most. Why? Because if you think you're going to do this later, you won't. Here's how to start now...
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    • How to use "Paganini's Secret" to installing a hyper-productive, life saving routine like this in your life forever
    • Are you vibrant and full of energy or are you tired and just surviving? If it's the latter, you probably need to fix these 3 simple things. Discover how you can do it on a busy schedule... in a simple series of steps.

    This is WHAT you do...
    And this is HOW you do it

    What I personally love about this course is that everything is explained so well, the instructions are so clear, you won't be able NOT to take action.

    You're getting the WHY... the WHAT... And most importantly the HOW... that you can use to change your life immediately after you get this course.

    Here are some more things you can look forward immediately when you invest in this...

    • What to do if over and over... you find yourself started on one thing... but can't finish it because of distractions (this puts a stop to every website and every app pulling you in 100 different directions!)
    • The curious thing about multitasking that empty TV shows, feel-good movies and fluffy time management books will have you believe... that's been proven to slash your productivity in half AND double the number of mistakes you make!
    • How to access the playful, happy part of you that has never changed ever since you were a child... in an instant - and how to use it to find your balance when there's yet another Google update, your kids need help with their school work and you have to turn in an important report tomorrow morning 9:00 am sharp!
    • How to achieve Zen-like state without reading the "right" books, learning to meditate for years, taking up a life of chastity, or anything like that...
    • And much much more!

    Plus, you get these amazing worksheets!

    I've saved the best for last.

    You're also getting really useful worksheets that will let you take advantage of Rapid Peace in a systematic, effective way.

    For example, there's a worksheet that lets you identify and evaluate the causes of stress in your life.

    Then there's the worksheet that outlines morning routines. From "Oh my gosh! I overslept" 6 minute routine... to an expanded 30 minute routine for when you have loads of time (which you will after you're done with this course!)

    There's a similar worksheet for nighttime routines too. Then you get...

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    How much does this cost?

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    P.S. This is a system that has actionable information inside (not just the WHAT... but the HOW, step by step) on how entrepreneurs can get rid of stress. Remember... you'll be able to get more done AND enjoy every minute of your life. It's up to you to choose whether you'll build an online empire or have fun with your family... the important part is you'll be 100% stress free and able to focus on what matters!

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  2. blä?z?/
    adjective: blasé

    unimpressed or indifferent to something because one has experienced or seen it so often before.
    "she was becoming quite blasé about the dangers"
    synonyms: indifferent, unconcerned, uncaring, casual, nonchalant, offhand, uninterested, apathetic, unimpressed, unmoved, surfeited, jaded, unresponsive, phlegmatic; informallaid-back
    "these children have learned to be blasé about the sound of gunfire"

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