Why my niece died and other things worth your attention

People think that a mite infestation, especially the spider mite infestation is more a nuisance than anything.

After all what harm can these critters cause… no bacteria, no virus… no big deal.

But the truth is much more complicated, and much more dramatic than that.

The spider mites that live their whole life-cycle hidden from observation, have the visible stage: the nymph getting nutrients from the host.

A simple bite would harmful, would be painful, maybe it even would itch, but it probably wouldn’t kill you.

What kills you, and it does, that the nymph is attached to your skin, inner or outer, and its chemicals irritate the skin for days.

My niece died of cervical cancer.

Because one of the hidden places for the spider mite to develop from eggs to mite is in the vagina. That area is a prime area for cancer to develop as a result of the mites. Enough irritation and you’ll die of cervical cancer. Or if the nymphs decide to go upstream, you’ll get fibrous tumors, and hysterectomy. And who knows, maybe even ovarian cancers and cysts are caused by these tiny parasites!

At this point there is no test to decide if you have been infested with this mite… I can muscle test, but that’s it.

Even on myself: I can’t see it. I can feel it, but an itch here or there… who knows what causes it! I have to muscle test myself to be sure.

Some people, like one of my students is lucky: her body and digestion is slow, bordering constipation, and the nymphs died before they could come out and do damage.

Most people, especially if they are not sexually active, don’t investigate. And I think that gynecologists don’t really investigate and locate 1-2-3 mites… they are looking in a drop of liquid thousands of pathogens… but one mite and you are screwed.

I have finally come up with a simple solution that anyone can do, if they have the discipline. If they don’t… forget about it.

The mites, the adults, are not the target, they are near indestructible, other than feeling them and squashing them (it took me about 5 months to be able to do it!) they are masters of hiding, excellent at alternative strategies, and blend in with the environment. I found one substance that kills them on contact… but how do you contact something that is never there?

Anyway, I’ll post the remedy and the process later today in the Biting Mites membership website I created, and you can buy in if you are interested.

The price is still low, as soon as the material is finalized and organized, the membership will be a lot more expensive. Just know, that I have only scratched the surface of the ear mite/dust mite problem, and trust me, the problem is not smaller… It is just one thing at a time.

Want to do the experiments yourself? Be my guest.

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