What’s between you and you

Comfy-Anime-Themed-Workspace-Design-with-Comic-Figurines-in-the-ShelvesAbout 30 years ago, I didn’t have a car, and I had to beg a ride every time I wanted to go to Landmark to assist.

I spent hours in cars, in conversations I would not have had otherwise.

I talked to people at length that I would never have talked to. It enriched my life.

One of these people, half my age, drove me back and forth every Sunday. We talked a lot. She had a room full of stuff, neatly organized, figurines and such.

She wanted to be a creative artist. I taught to her that everything she knew was in her way to be creative. I also suggested that the stuff she surrounded herself with also kept her small, and uncreative.

cd152-f217185c-d73c-4536-938c-b61a62d49be6-v2She, impressionable as she was, whitewashed the walls of her room, and removed everything that was previously crowded it. Then started to hate me.

In the barren room she had to confront her own emptiness. Most of view can recreate her experience: just remove your computer. Or go to a hotel/motel and resolve not to turn on the television. Or look at times when there was a power or internet outage… wasn’t it horrible? Nothing to do, nothing to distract yourself with, just you with yourself. And there seems to be nothing there…

The same thing happens in the area of information.

If I managed to take away everything that you seem to know through reading, through listening to other people, through watching videos… what will we find? What will you find?



emptinessThere is nothing and no one there… Not a single independent thought. Nothing to say, if you can’t repeat what you have already heard or said before.

Each soul correction has a different degree of fear of facing their own emptiness. Some fill it with doing. Some fill it with being social… fill every minute on their calendar… tight, tight, tight… Some gets high, whatever your poison…

A person who can be with their emptiness, can also go beyond. Beyond that emptiness lies everything. But you can’t take with you what you know, what you think, all the things you know about yourself… it doesn’t belong… You cannot take with you your desires, wants, needs, complaints… they don’t belong.

So those of you that have been wanting to live in the vertical, have a lot of dropping to do.
And those of you that don’t care… This may not be the best site for you…

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