Teal Swan, John Assaraf, Omharmonics… reviews

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Teal Scott aka Teal Swan aka Teal Bosworth must be making waves again… Frequency paintings

teal-swan-frequency-paintingCan these paintings raise your vibration automatically? Of course not. It is another greed: raising your vibration… without work… hah, gotcha! lol

automatically raising people’s vibrations? Or maybe people’s greed glands are swollen due to spring…

So let me write an article that will, maybe once and forever, put this question to bed: is it worth for you to watch, listen to, learn from a guru, not specifically from any guru, and specifically from this
Teal person, whatever her last name may be at the moment.

What should be your criteria? How should you make a good decision?
Look at yourself first. See if you are infected by greed, wanting more, more, more.

  • Greed is like gluttony. Makes no sense, it destroys you, but you can’t say no to it.
  • It is like heroin: you know it destroys you, you know it has power over you, but you can’t shake it.

If you are infected by greed, the guru is not your problem. You’ll pick the most depraved guru, who fans the flames of your greed… please be my guest.

If you are infected by greed, and it is hard not to be, everything around you is an infecting device, TV, internet, catalogs, mailers, twitter, ads, and more ads.

proven-formulaI have learned how to write ads like that. They need to do two things: address the pain and rub it in, “agitate it” is the code word, and then offer an outlandishly ridiculous solution to it.

Pain is just the other side of the coin, called greed. It’s a typical carrot and stick phenomenon: you hurt because your don’t have your carrot… if you can laugh, you can still be saved.

Most people don’t have any real problems, all their problems are just the shadow side of greed.


teal-scott-psychic-powersAll ego is it is an instrument of greed, by the way. I should have more. More love. More respect. More station in life. More time. More money. More sex. More beauty. More enjoyment.

And, try it out, once you are finished reading the above paragraph, you start having pain pangs, your breathing gets ragged, and you are hooked… now shake it off… If you can, you can be saved.

Teal is a crafty little marketer… Oh, marketers are the master of eliciting greed and stirring the sense of lack, the sense of injustice. You deserve it. It’s your birthright.

But that is what she is. A marketer.

No skills other than that… All rich people are good marketers. Most rich people are miserable.

When you have greed, you cannot, I’ll repeat, cannot be in the present moment.

Greed, just like any desire, only lives if there is time. And time is created by the mind.

Mind creates a vision of a future that is more, better, different, and then you are lost for the present moment. No fun, no joy, no aliveness. All struggle, scrambling, and you HAVE TO make the present moment wrong! Condemn it. Otherwise the magic is gone.

I used to be like you, and I used to be maybe even more miserable than you. Imagine that! lol.

When anyone spoke about no desire, or dropping desire, I pondered what I would do with my life if that were the case, no desire.

I figured I would do nothing, and sink into a stupor, into a depressed state, because in my view, the only thing that saved me from depression is constant activity.

So, because of this “world view” it took me a long-long time to get to where I am.

Even in Kabbalah, they say that the size of your desire determines the size of your cup: you can get more if you have more desire… Even in Kabbalah, which is supposed to be a spiritual system of thought. Maybe that is why its vibration is not as high as it could be, because of that sentence. It doesn’t even go up to the height of unconditional love…

Even Christianity is higher: Christianity say you should suppress your desire… desire is sin.

Neither of them is good for you.

Suppression is putting desire underground: it can wreak havoc there.

So, what did I do? I started to see and observe that desire is not simple, that it has elements, some of them are addictive and unresolvable, other are good energy.

Now, returning to Teal Scott. The question isn’t if she is a fraud. The question isn’t if she is incompetent… The question is: if she is giving you what you want, pathways to fulfill your desire, is she helping you?

And whether of those pathways are valid or not, is she your friend when she is doing that?

You see, desire is like a drug. You start small, and you have to increase the quantity with every real or perceived result. Money you want? You have to want more and more and more.

Sex you want? Just having plain sex won’t satisfy you any more, now you need to be with two people, you have to have toys, now stand on your head… the pleasure center in the brain acts exactly the same way as with drugs… And the aftereffect is the same: shame, self-disgust, depression… That only more and more of what you despise promises to “cure”.

The so called Law of Attraction is the best example: it is a lie for more people. If there is desire, if there is want, there is need, it is 100% certain that it won’t work. Because the Law of Attraction is a “beingness” “law”. It is your being that attracts, not your thoughts, not your doing, not your feelings, not your magical thinking, no voodoo… beingness.

But beingness is impossible in the presence of want, need, or desire.

So you are screwed.

But it is perfect for a marketer, because it keeps you hungry, and you’ll buy and buy and buy.

And that is what’s wrong with Teal and others like her. She takes you deeper into the morass, not out of it.

Most of you are too dumb to even get what I am saying. But even those of you that are not dumb, will resist it… Because it’s a game of a dog chasing its tail… something to do, something to fill your time with, so you don’t have to look at yourself and see and know yourself.

And the few of you that remains, I can teach you. I can. I got to where I am, not even hungry for a solution to a problem that can and will kill me, just working on it (the human mites) I have been aware, alert, and conscious through my getting my freedom and my present moment back… I can teach what I have done consciously…

Let Teal Scott and others like her, Esther Hicks (personal vibration: 100), John Assaraf (personal vibration: 130), MindValley’s Omharmonics (vibration: 170), it’s along list. Thousands on it. Even Andy Shaw is on it… you see, one of your stuff can be useful, while your whole work is off to make people miserable. This is the “secret” of the low vibration of “gurus”. That what they teach is toxic and make you sick.

On the side of the truth? Less than 10 worldwide.

So, when you decide to follow a guru-type person, look if they are fanning your desire, for money, for love, for peace, for spiritual enlightening, silent meditation, etc.

If they do, they are part of the “thousands” list that knowingly or unknowingly poison you.

You’ll know. You’ll feel hooked, obsessive, want more. Look if they talk about the future. If they talk about easy. Talk about shortcuts. Talk about the Law of Attraction. If they talk about desire. If they do, watch out.

Now, I know and I see that some of you read MY stuff that way… That doesn’t make me one of them… although I admit some of my sales letters are darn close… and yet. That is not where I am coming from.

It’s OK to rip me a second butthole if you disagree… Email me. Thanks.

PS: And another thing you can do: check the vibration of the person who you intend to follow. If it is, like Teal Swan, whose personal vibration is 170, don’t follow them. There is nothing they can do for you. No energy, no wisdom, just plain blah.

I have added a new component to my muscle testing course: a tone that can connect you to Source, so your muscle test can be accurate. The tone takes you out of your mind and puts you onto the beginning of the vertical plane.

I didn’t create the audio… it’s just a tone… But it works, even if it is just for a second. Instructions on how to do muscle test on gurus will come in a webinar series, where I’ll even check if you are doing it correctly.

PPS: in my next article I will introduce to you a proven formula that is exactly the opposite of what “gurus” are teaching you… stay tuned.

PPPS: the nasty pictures are made by Jessica former Psychic, lol… you are either a psychic or you are not… no choice about that. Jessica Schab Personal vibration: 120. Going the wrong way about the right thing, or the right way about the wrong thing… both lead to the same bad bad bad place…

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  1. And now, Teal Bosworth,Scott, Swan,??? is being exposed as a plagiarizer, suicide apologist and cult leader. A dangerous person if one lets her be……

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