Who are you when no one is looking?

pretending does not correct natureI had a unique glimpse behind the curtain today. I was painted a behind the scenes picture of someone I thought I knew.

On the front, in public, the person is quiet, collected, decent.

Her son reports that

  • she tells everyone in the family who to befriend and who to avoid
  • she tells everyone in the family what they are allowed to talk about and what they should be mum about.
  • she takes tranquilizers and washes them off with alcoholic drinks.

Wow. I never expected to see the ugly side of this person. Of course as an empath I felt her “heart” full of hate, full of pretense, but that is not a fact… and the above are facts.

Disorienting. Disturbing. And probably frequent.

Pretense is rampant, more in certain countries than in others. More in certain states than others. But all in all, it is, naturally, rampant.

Pretense is a political move. It is to buy something you didn’t earn, it is to gain undeserved advantage.

Authenticity is a word most people don’t understand.

senate hypocrisy


Most disease is caused by pretense. By not willing to own who you are, because it is not advantageous. Or not pretty.

One way to deal with it is to become the kind of person who you’d be proud to be authentic about, who you’d be proud for everyone to see.

The other is to pretend to be that person.

One is a lot of work. Believe me when I say it: it is a lot of work. I know it because I have had to do that work, and lots of it. Not pleasant either, looking into the mirror and seeing. Or it being pointed out to you… ugh. Not pleasant. But it is the work for a human to become a human BEING, instead of who most of you are: a human pretense machine, miserable, anxiety ridden, suppressing, surviving life.

The number of people who were willing to come to the Playground is a good indicator: out of hundreds, five people came. Why? Because the Playground was the public exercise of looking into the mirror. Public.

But anything you are not willing to own publicly necessitates a pretense. And misery.

The woman in question is ill. Not from the alcohol tranquilizer combo, although it would be attractive to think that. She is ill because pretending is a horrible load on you. You can’t be yourself, anywhere, any time…

Your soul correction points out the cornerstone, the linchpin of your pretense. More often than not, once you are willing to face the tiger without flinching, bring consciousness to it, it will start to let you be.

Owning what runs you, your arrogance, your judgmentalness, your unwillingness, your cowardice, your hate is wonderful. It is the difference between having a dog attacking you or having a dog barking at you…. Big difference. The dog is still there, but you are safe.

PS: One of the effects of the Harmonizer Audio is to bring it to your attention to where you are pretending… and urge you to take actions to face who you really are, even if it is ugly.

PS: Just a facebook video to show how gullible we are and how easy it is to fake us out.

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