The person’s forehead was scared…

I don’t like to be able to see so much… I still scare myself, after so many years.

I am a skeptic. A true scientist. I do what I do, but I observe it with a healthy dose of skepticism, because there is no reason I should know what I know, feel what I feel.

Being an empath is beyond reason. Very uncomfortable for a true scientist.

From time to time I feel stuff that is physical, non-subjective: it either happened or it didn’t. It is either true or it isn’t.

It takes a lot of courage to say it, publicly, where I can be found out as a fraud, a fake, an impostor I whould be, if there were only what is known to science.

Today, while I was pulling the cords, attachments, and bindings 1

The person’s forehead, on the corner, was scared. After I identified that there was an attachment there, it panicked. It trembled. It wept. Huh? I could feel a history of hurt, trauma, the brain bruised under that spot… Traumatic brain damage, I wrote. I also thought something that I didn’t write: it can actually change your personality, and that is what I felt.

I sent the email and waited for confirmation or rebuff. I resent the email to be certain the person got it.

This the answer I received:

Thank you. The constant fear is gone.

I was thrown from a horse. I don’t remember the aftermath. I was not consciously aware. I know now that I suffered a major concussion. Probably a traumatic brain injury. I was in a fugue the remainder of that entire day. I cried and cried and then just sat numb.

I feel the sadness. It’s ok. Better than the fear.
Thank you

I wept. Scared. I am not sure I like being able to see so much.

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  1. this is a new concept I learned last night from a novel… you are energetically bound to something or someone, or they are bound to you. When I am clearer of what that means beyond a kind of slavery and dependence, I’ll write about it. An event, an emotion, like fear, religion, a person you hate or love, your soul fragment trapped in them… or a “healer” who unwittingly (dumb) or intentionally (evil) put your Life Force on tap as if you were a barrel of beer.

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