Self-possessed: the remedy for anxiety and anguish

what is important according to diderotI have no more mites in the house, or on my body… but research and testing must continue… so I decided to see a client again. Body work. A perfect setup for reinfestation.

I could have waited till Tuesday, and get reinfected at the chiropractor, but why waste a perfect weekend… lol.

Now, I don’t want to talk about mites in this article, but I wanted to share the circumstance.

So I got this email for an urgent appointment. I said: 12 noon. They said: can I see you now, maybe at 9:30? I said, I can’t see you before 11… OK, see you at 11.

Now while this “conversation” through email was going on, I connected to this client to check if they had mites… of course they did. Both ear mites and spider mites.

But then, I started to feel anguish. Extreme anguish, anxiety. WTF… is it mine? No… it’s not mine.

So this was a perfect opportunity to see the origin of YOUR anguish… because I caught it red handed.

hook themhooked fishWhat happens is that you are going along in life, life is normal. Then something is put into the future, an hour, two hours, ahead of your time, and boom, you are pulled out of the present moment, and your body is there, but your mind, your attention is now in the future.



self-possessed-womanThis gap creates the anxiety, the anguish…

You’ll be stupid for two hours, because you can’t pay attention to what you are doing, your intellectual capacities are impaired.

You’ll feel like a dog for two hours, because who can feel good and have anguish like that?


Whether the future is near or far, it doesn’t matter. The problem is the separation.

You have no control of anything in the future, you will, potentially, when you get there. But now? No control. So your best bet is to do what you need to do now, and not worry about the future.

When the mind strays into the future, just gently pull it back to what you are doing now.

Enjoy your one-ness, your effective living, your moment, and gain control of your fickle mind, your fickle attention.

Another problem with anguish and anxiety is that it gives you an idea that there is something wrong… like performance anxiety? It is not just men that have it.

You have it every time there is a chance to be measured… smart enough? pretty enough? graceful enough?

But if you are willing to learn to pull your attention and your mind back to what you are doing, you’ll have very little of the anxiety. And when you get to the crucial point of being measured, you’ll be also present, smart, calm, collected, self-possessed… 1 which is the biggest compliment anyone can give to an other.

When this client arrives, it will take me 15 minutes to return them to themselves… what a waste of time, waste of life, waste of money!

Self-possessed… remember?

P.S. on this computer I do not have video. So let us hope this guy talks about what I am talking about… lol

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  1. self-pos·sessed adjective meaning:
    calm, confident, and in control of one’s feelings; composed.
    synonyms: assured, self-assured, calm, cool, composed, at ease, unperturbed, unruffled, confident, self-confident, poised, imperturbable;

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Self-possessed: the remedy for anxiety and anguish”

  1. Thank you for this Sophie! This was perfect timing for me. I have a huge deadline looming tomorrow evening and I have been getting myself into more and more of a panic every time I’ve thought of it. When I read this article and started pulling my mind back to what I’m doing now instead of dwelling on all the bad things that will happen if I don’t make the deadline, I relaxed and started making better progress. Each time my mind jumps to thinking of the scary deadline, I pull it back to what I’m doing now. When I’m here in the present doing my work, I’m finding I actually enjoy it. So this has turned my day from anxiety-ridden to enjoyable!

    I see that one of the big ways I’ve been making my life miserable is by almost constantly dreading the future. What a life. But I’m excited because I can see this tool is making a difference already.

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