Seeing what you cannot see

bizarre-natural-phenomenon-tree-growing-bent-in-windWhy slowing down is a good move, a good strategy, but not a solution by itself?

One of the biggest missing is seeing the big picture. It’s across the board, and across all levels of intelligence.

Seeing the big picture is a practice, not a capacity.

You cannot see the big picture, until you stop, step back, and look.

Now, here, at the looking level, your vibration, your intelligence, your experience, your knowledge level is very important: you can’t catch what you don’t see, and you can’t see what you haven’t seen before.

You can only see what you recognize… because you have seen it before, you have labeled it… you it is part of the collective mind, the collective “consciousness”.

Re-cognition… knowing it again… this is NOT what this article is about… This is seeing what you and others haven’t seen before, that is truly new, that is not part of mainstream…

Looking, poking, until you see what you haven’t seen before is a unique capacity possessed only by a few. Really few, like about nine in a generation, on a planetary level. That’s really few, right? I am one of the nine.

But those who can see what they haven’t been seen before, normally share it, teach it, so others can learn to see it too.

Your ability to learn from them will depend on your willingness to train your eyes to see what you don’t see.

Willingness to see is in short supply. Why? Because the main human attitude is unwillingness. Resistance. This is why evolution of the species depends on nine people and their ability to teach.


52d6add4bdeacThe lowest level of human consciousness is understanding. Why? Because understanding is like a period at the end of a sentence. Every time you understand something, you say “case closed, now I understand… I am done, I am perfect. No need to look or listen any more.”

Understanding is the enemy of looking and the enemy of seeing.

The lower your intelligence, the lower your consciousness, the more often you “understand.”

The next lowest level is knowing. Knowing is a total denial of anything you haven’t seen, anything else than what you profess you know. It is another period at the end of a sentence, the enemy of looking, the enemy of doubt, the enemy of intelligence. It is closed. It is dead. It is deadly.

Another way to illustrate intelligence and consciousness is curiosity. The type of questions you ask.

The more closed end questions you ask, the type of questions that are answered with a yes, a no, or maybe, the lower you are on the consciousness scale.

Why is a question is indicating low consciousness… because the question itself professes to see the source of the question accurately…

How is also low consciousness… same error as in why… seeing the small picture, unable even to think that there is a bigger picture.

What, what else, start to get into the zone of intelligence and higher consciousness.

It is uncomfortable to think that outside of what you see there is a whole world out there, more important than what you see.

Only engaging in activities, with this specific mindset, raises your vibration, or raises your intelligence.

Why? Because doing activities like that is friction. It is bumping up against the unknown. Your response to the unknow that raises your consciousness, raises your intelligence, raises your vibration.

In another word: what do you do when you bump up against the unknown… the uncertain, the invisible, the frightening…

Having revealed the existence of the three types of mites I have found on myself, has shown it clearer than my “spiritual” work ever could.

Why? Because only a tiny fragment of humanity is interested in matters of the soul. And their level of interest is not high consciousness, more like curiosity, wishful thinking, magical thinking.

The number of people that believe in entities, extraterrestrials, spells and such is staggering. They are (entities, spirits, angels, gods, etc.) are an low consciousness explanation of the phenomena that borders, that bumps up against the unknown, what you don’t see. It is jumping into an easy answer to avoid looking, to avoid training your eyes to see what you can’t see.

But when the phenomenon is physical, when the thing you can’t see is an insect, one would think that you would want to train your senses to see it… feel it… distinguish it for yourself.

Because of their tininess, this process would raise your consciousness, your intelligence, your vibration… if you participated in it. It would save your life, it would be also an expression of caring, love, the feelings you so ardently say you have…

But your behavior belies your lies. You are not really interested. You are not even interested in saving your life.

You prefer to go to a “healer”, or a “shaman”, or “god”.

This leaves a handful of people to fight for all of humanity… Humanity? low intelligence jumping jacks… including scientists…

Why am I surprised?

Yesterday I observed a bunch of people next door. There were some children among them, visiting.

The children were like trained monkeys, like little entertainers, doing, saying the things the parents, other adults could respond to with laughter.

No intelligent behavior would have elicited that in the adults. After all, intelligence, inquiry, experimentation are the enemies of the cohesive ignorance that humanity calls society.

The few brave souls that escape “society” are outsiders, at best tolerated, at worst killed.

Society, family, “culture” is the enemy of progress, the enemy of consciousness, the enemy of intelligence.

When the end of times comes, only the outsiders will live, the ones that look long enough to see what they can’t see.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. Exciting article, you say nine people have this capacity of seeing the unseen, can we activate/develop this capacity?

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