Want to become an expanding human being? Suggestions: Act like one!

become an expanding human beingYesterday I wrote an article, and asked you to recommend a course of action for the mother in the article with the female child…

Many of you have asked me before: how can I raise my vibration? What shall I do to build skills? Where should I start to find my life’s work that I would love to do?

My standard answer has been: keep alert, keep aware, life is full of training and growth opportunities. You take a path, keep your eyes open, and grow in the process.

Taking that challenge, placing yourself in the position of the mother was an excellent way for you to see if you have been giving lip service to growth or you are actually committed to grow.

So far one person did answer: her behavior is consistent with who she is: in the game of becoming an expanding human being.

The rest of you are lying low… nobody home, nobody cares, you are not even here.

I have the statistics of how many people have read the article…

I could be upset, but it’s not worth it. You have been true to form: pretending.

expandidYou may say: It is not my problem. I’ll do something if and when I have a problem.

But are you going to do anything intelligent when your life, your child’s life depends on it? Probably not.

People who are committed to making good decisions, who are committed to a drama free life, people who are committed to success, don’t wait until the shit hits the fan: they role play.

They challenge themselves to find solutions to other people’s problems, whether publicly or not.

Even in the psych ward where I was a patient once, people have psychodrama classes: re-enacting situations to increase abilities to deal with difficult situations, to be more prepared for life.

Brilliant, if you ask me. The difference between you and them is this:

You hope that some audio, some remedy, some activator will make you brilliant.

But it is hard to be brilliant with your mouth closed, hiding!



Evolving DNA - expanding - 4 strands

the-art-of-being-human-4People with high IQ will never be successful unless they use what they got! So even if you have it, unless you use it, it’s useless. You can’t just use what you have when life forces you to use it.

Anyway, it feels like I am talking to the wall…

Why on earth are you on this site? To feel that you actually want to grow? But your actions say a whole different story… (if it does).

Go back to the previous article and comment. Force yourself to find a solution you can say yes to. Please. Do it now!

I need at least 10 reader comments to teach what there is to learn from that story. It will be worth it!

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