The truth about erasing negativity – Updated

erasing negativity in your life is like picking sand burrs off your clothesIf you are like me, you want to feel free, at ease, full of energy, loving life. But…

The journey to freedom has been fraught with controversies…

Of all the things I’ve ever done, (outside of personal coaching), it was removing attachments, cords, curses and spells, and removing the gaping wounds of the soul fragments… that proved to be the most effective thing to turn people around, and raise their vibration.


Everyone and their brother talks about removing negativity, but they talk about this, and go about it waving a magic wand. Nothing they say works to remove negativity actually works.


Burs Cling to socksBut removing, actually physically removing these horribly painful, sickening, and disturbing attachments finally leaves a person free to be, free to choose who they want to be. Without the undue influence of past hurts, others’, curses and such.

Pains, sicknesses, anxiety, hate, anger… if it is from an energetic attachment, aka leak, it disappears. Not everyone’s hate and anger, or anxiety is attachment related: many have made it a lifestyle choice to avoid putting out, avoid producing, avoid what they need to do in life… and use anxiety and fear as a justification. I have plenty of examples for that.

And then I have the people whose whole life opens up for them, once the attachments are removed. They look forward to each day, they suddenly like challenges, they like people… wow, I remember when it happened to me.

It is a painful process for me, and I can only do so many a day without needing TLC myself… but it works.

People ask me: can you teach me to remove them? I could, if you could find them… but to find them on another person, or even on yourself, you need to be a True Empath

So the answer is: No. I can’t. I would be happy to… except teaching and you being able to do it are two different things.

Anyway, This week, again, was packed with removing attachments, and happy, glowing testimonials and clients.

Who would have thoughts that I have to suffer for you to get better? lol.

Now, just because you are miserable, it doesn’t mean that you have attachments. Some people are wretched without an outside cause.

As with everything I have found in the past 10 years, this, the attachment removal, has been a surprising journey, revealing its face only over time.

Like the idea that you have fragmented your soul when you denied an aspect of yourself, or when you shut down because the experience was unconfrontable.

Instead of the processes, spinning, and visualizing the broken off fragment of the soul… the solution is much easier and simpler: your debilitating prison sentence to that broken off fragment can just be severed, by cutting the fragment loose… but not like snip-snip… but actually uprooting the whole trauma and leaving you clean, innocent, and full of vigor…

Or learning that in the heat of anger most anyone can put a curse on you and unless you get it out, like a bad tooth, it will fester and take you down with itself.

Or the fact that through experimentation with hallucinogens, bad people can gain access to your friends and put a spell on them… wow.

PS: Today muscle testing is giving me indication that there is something not OK.

Of course, typical human response, I asked if I was stupid, if I did something wrong… and the answers were not conclusive…

Then I asked if I had an attachment. The answer was yes/no… a frequent muscle testing answer. After asking all the kinds of attachments and getting a no answer, I realized: there is an energy leak I haven’t mentioned: being under attack. I didn’t recognize it, because this is someone other than the person who attacks me regularly. Nevertheless, whoever this person is: she intends to kill.

And although cloaking doesn’t protect you from psychic attacks, it does prevent a permanent attachment… so I am going to cloak myself diligently today, and maybe do a lot of verification muscle tests before I answer one of your question… And the requests to find out if you have an attachment on you, are coming fast and furious.

Here is a video on the types of psychic attach this person has experienced. Your experience, my experience is probably different.

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