What is the opposite of astute?

einstein-astuteAstute is a word that 99% of people don’t know. Or if they know, they think it’s a bad thing. Like shrewd… it is a missing thing… It is not part of the vocabulary of the uneducated, unsophisticated, simple folks who live a pedestrian existence.

Words are great divider of people. If it is beyond you… if it is beyond your comprehension, you probably get found out by now knowing the word.

Now, with that said: astute is a person who can tell things apart, even similar things, with certainty, and ease.

People have certain areas where they are astute.

  • Financiers are astute in telling if a company will succeed or not, if it is well managed or not.
  • Politically astute people can call a winner, when they see wan. They can also see a pretender, a liar, a thief.
  • Tailors can recognize many shades of black. Eskimos can recognize many types of snow.
  • Some people are astute about the prediction of the weather… A good doctor is astute at telling the important and unimportant symptoms apart, and therefore diagnose more accurately.

So astute is the person who is accurate most of the time, at least in the area where their expertise lies.

not astute, the opposite of astuteMost people are not astute… so what is the opposite of astute?

We could say dumb…  But let’s be nice.

Astuteness is a “hardware” issue… there are more connections, more brain cells, and they are also denser, and finer. You can grow more brain cell connections with extreme hard work… Lots of correct practice.

A color blind person cannot see colors accurately

A color blind person cannot see colors… We could say they are the opposite of someone who sees colors.

An astute person sees details and know what they are, what they mean, accurately. A non-astute person treats everything as if they were the same.

The saying is: for you Everything is the same as everything else … except not always or: You can’t tell your ass from your elbow.

Without being or becoming astute in an area of life, you cannot be successful, because your mistakes will dominate your life… and you won’t even know what happens. Because a person who can’t see, also can’t see what was the mistake, so they can’t learn from the mistake.

There are lots of ways to increase your level of astuteness. But without awareness, without awake-ness, without the ability to focus, and see, you can’t even begin.

I have tools for people to increase their vibration, and that also means that I take them out of the hurry state, from impatience, so they can actually look and see…

But without the operator, even the best vehicle is just a bunch of stuff… won’t take you far.

Astuteness begins with the attitude to penetrate beyond the surface of things, beyond the immediately visible. Without this attitude you’ll never become astute… or intelligent.

B7AAAqPCUAM6r_9.jpg largeIn my vocabulary intelligent and astute are quite interchangeable.

Now you have it… OK?

PS: In the 20 questions type game we have been playing, you’d be astute if you could see what questions to ask to narrow down the field, by going for “no” answers… instead of yes answers…

As in every task of distinguishing: distinguishing who you are, what you want, what you like, the no’s are the most significant, because they make the path strait and narrow…

So far, no one emerged as astute… But with a little training… I hope… lol

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