Announcing: “My secret weapon” webinar

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Sophie Benshitta Maven webinarNow that a bunch of you have bought my Secret Weapon, the Big Bundle of energies 2 The purpose of this article is to announce the WEBINAR I am forced to do to let you feel the energy and teach you to use it correctly.

So, announcing the Big Bundle webinar.

As with all my energy webinars, the energies work in the recording, so it doesn’t matter if you have been there live, or listen to it weeks later…

For people who have the Big Bundle, you know who you are, the webinar is Free. And for all others: it’s $10.

Why the cost?

First off: this is what Mr.T’s students get: a live energy download and they pay $100 for it. Second: Because if you are crafty, you can crop the webinar to just the part where there is energy transmission, and then you can use it as your special big bundle.

I’ll make sure though that I’ll break up the transmission to little pieces… to make your work harder if you want to steal.

Warning: don’t try to get the the energy download while you are driving, or when your eyes need to be open. You can be on the webinar, but to get the energies, you need to have your eyes closed.

Because the energies in the Big Bundle are co-creative energies, you need to have your eyes closed, and you need to get into a meditative, co-creative space to get the most out of the download.

Now, to answer concerns I have gotten in email: You don’t need to consciously know what you feel. Your conscious mind and you Consciousness are not the same. It’s not personal, they are just a different member of your team, called You.

It is the Consciousness that does the co-creation, not your conscious mind. Your conscious mind wants to make up rituals, and imagery, and experiences, but all that has nothing to do with co-creation or with the energies. It is just self-entertainment.

Co-creation is between Source and Consciousness…

I have a tight “team”, which means that I can feel my Consciousness doing what Consciousness does. But you don’t have to be on that level for the Big Bundle to work. You just have to sit quietly and allow the energies and Consciousness do the dance.

In the English language there is a confusion between the words cognizant and conscious. Cognizant: having knowledge or being aware of. Conscious means: Consciousness is present… Consciousness as in divine, higher, all-knowing consciousness. Meaning that the Consciousness, the team-member: Consciousness is participating. Not necessarily cognizant (aware) of that fact either.

One of my regular students write:

I’m excited to use the Big Bundle. But remember those path coaching sessions when you downloaded HOE for us and we were supposed to detect the blockages? Well, I wasn’t able to detect the blockages. I felt like I was playing “let’s pretend” when you were walking us through the path the energies were going and I was trying to detect them going on that path and finding blockages. So most likely I won’t be able to detect the blockages with this audio. But as long as we can get benefits by being there present with the energies when we play the audio, I will be happy. At least some stuff will get cleared out by the energies even if small since I can’t help. And thank goodness you offer sessions to take care of the big stuff.

I’m looking forward to the mindset meditation too. I expect that’s going to be a huge help, and not just for purposes of the Big Bundle, but also for doing the work of getting on the vertical and becoming a human being. You are such a generous person making all this available to us!

You see, that is the conscious mind speaking, the conscious mind that is not aware that the Consciousness is doing the work. It may be beyond your conscious awareness. Your conscious awareness makes you believe that the thing is not working for you because you can’t feel what you “should” feel…

But if that were the case, if you had to be aware of what’s happening moment to moment for energies to work, then none my energy remedies would work, and I have hundreds of testimonials saying: they work. You can see, you can easily be cognizant of the result but not the process.

My own special training is to be able to be cognizant of all the process, so I can influence it, consciously, for you. But…

You don’t have to be present to the shower for the shower to wash off your sweat…

Getting into the state

I am still working on what to say to bring about the space of allowing the Consciousness space and freedom to do the co-creative work. To bring you into a state of Trust, Allowing, and to some degree: Surrender.

To get the Big Bundle

I want to get the big bundle… please

To get into the webinar without buying the Big Bundle:

And now the date… Wednesday, June 3, 4 pm. This makes it harder for West Coast students, sorry… if you just want to ask questions, you can participate from your mobile phone or ipad… Let me know your intention in email. If there is a better time for a lot of you, I’ll schedule a repeat for you.

PS: If you are live on the webinar, you can ask question if you have a microphone, especially if the question is something of interest to everyone. For example: would you find an attachment on me and point it out where it is? So maybe we can remove it together?

PPS: If you buy the Big Bundle after the webinar, I’ll refund your $10 you paid for the webinar.

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  1. that are bundled only so I don't have to call out the name of the Indian guru...

    By the way, the day I announced the sale, apparently somehow I communicated to Mr. T... or maybe there is a spy in our midst, lol... but all my water, and remedies, the vibration of all the water went down to 300...very funny.

    For me it's not a big issue, I just energize it again... but if I had pallets of bottled water, like Mr. T... I would be screwed. His water, by the way, vibrates at 300. And moreover: the Mr.T energy is NOT infusible... as the Gopal isn't infusible either.

    But that is just an aside

  2. that are bundled only so I don’t have to call out the name of the Indian guru…

    By the way, the day I announced the sale, apparently somehow I communicated to Mr. T… or maybe there is a spy in our midst, lol… but all my water, and remedies, the vibration of all the water went down to 300…very funny.

    For me it’s not a big issue, I just energize it again… but if I had pallets of bottled water, like Mr. T… I would be screwed. His water, by the way, vibrates at 300. And moreover: the Mr.T energy is NOT infusible… as the Gopal isn’t infusible either.

    But that is just an aside

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Announcing: “My secret weapon” webinar”

  1. Sophie – Did the vibration drop also happen in the remedies we already purchased from you? If so, was there any harm if we used them while the vibration was low?

  2. No Kathryn, the energy reaches my house… and not even the whole house: the water in my bedroom stayed high. So you are safe. If in any doubt, energize your water. It only effects the energizer, not the HOE or unclove… whatever

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