Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Don’t be hasty answering…

we-have-met-the-enemyYesterday and especially today I had plenty of reasons to not want to face what there was to face: that we are the problem. 1 Especially if and when we think it’s others.

I haven’t done MY soul searching, but I will, I promise.

For now, just to document it, I’d like to address what I have seen.

One client paid me to remove her children’s attachments.

I am still working on the second child, and this is what I have seen:

If you live inside a strong judgmental world of your own, where everyone, maybe including yourself, is wrong, then you are the Dark Side in your and your children’s life.

How does that show up energetically?

Even though you have no idea what is really right and what is really wrong in existence, you claim that you do, and you force, manipulate everyone to conform to your norms, to your standards, to which you, yourself can’t conform to.

You are holier than thou, and everyone is wrong.

Now, it’s fine if you do that with adults, they will shake it off, but children are a whole different ball game.

For children, pleasing you, being approved by you, getting your attention is even more important than food, and given that you are Dark Side, they rub up to Dark Side, and you seriously impair them.

YOU are the one who is putting attachments on your children, attachment that prevent them from developing as an individual, to have independent thought, etc.

When you have an opinion, a judgment about everything, they feel they can never be good enough, and they, unbeknownst to themselves, hate you. Because the Human Spirit in them doesn’t like to be crushed… no matter how hard you try, it will not give up too easily. But… but it will be tied up.

It is probably also your soul correction… any forceful soul correction that is about hiding the truth could be yours, Revealing the Dark Side, Finish what you Start, Removing Hatred, and of course mine: Forget Thyself.

If you would, do some soul searching: I’ll do the same, and find if you are in fact trying to make people around you fit your ideal, even though you are full of crap yourself.

And if you find that you fit this profile to any degree, then learn to first love yourself with the Unconditional Love activator. Best way to start is to request a live session.

And once you get to a certain level with that, you can start honestly learn to allow. Allow yourself, allow others, allow “it”… whatever the it is. Pain, heat, mites, religion, culture, politics…

It is doing your soul correction in earnest. And reducing the Dark Side by not being part of it.

PS: The Unconditional Love Activator has two versions: 1. the original version where you listen/read/are exposed to the statements that are mighty confronting about you loving yourself. About Source loving you. About being lovable. 2. the bundled version where the energy bundle can be listened to, or infused into the drinking water, or even to your body.

Both are crucial: for me, getting the original version was a huge mountain to climb, because I definitely didn’t feel I deserved love… It was a big barrier…

Get the original Unconditional Love Activator

And I am now able to get all the benefit from the infusable… because I want through that “fire”… however painful it was.

Get the infusible version of the Unconditional Love Activator
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  1. If you have been reading my writing long enough, you know that you can’t fix a problem, trying to fix it makes it worse… bigger, more dangerous. Because fixing is a change: the more things change the more they stay the same.

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