Dominant beliefs? Will your thoughts change after I pull the twist that altered your dominant being?

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trees, like society, leaning in one directionDominant thoughts? or Dominant being?

What you think has little to do with your actions.

The connection between speaking and action needs to be established, good example, when you read the instructions. It is not obvious how to do what the words say, and it is not obvious that understanding can lead you to that action. Seeing an action allows you to copy it: action to action: no translator is needed. But words to action… lots can be lost in the translation.

That is the biggest puzzlement of teachers… and very few are able to create a bridge between words and actions successfully.

So when teachers, wannabe teachers teach that you should change your thoughts, they are screwing with you. They cater to your mind, but only the mind will be happy if you follow the teaching. Not you. 3

Of course, you believe them because the mind, your mind, everyone’s mind, fancy themselves as the main or only important organ you have. that you are actually your mind. But your mind misleads you, and it’s been costing you a pretty penny, and a life you love.

  • You’ve spent money and time to change your mind.
  • You’ve learned positive thinking… and it’s lead you to build a Dark Side now much stronger than the Light.
  • You’ve done course after course, read books, and the result? You now may think how you wanted to think, and yet, misery is growing not your results.


The mischief is this: you and all your teachers have been trying to change the visible.

Change out the cherries on a cherry tree to apples… because it is apples you want.

foxtail-pine-tree-twisted-trunk-of-an-tim-fitzharrisBut just like in nature apples that are pinned on a cherry tree are useless… your new thoughts don’t do any good…

So the question is: what do you change then, if not the thoughts?

Hey, the thoughts are coming from someplace, don’t they? They must. They don’t just really pop up the way you think they just pop up from nowhere.

There is an invisible “place”, where thoughts are coming from: Thoughts are not without roots.


The roots of thoughts, the roots of actions, behaviors, attitudes is in the dominion of being…

And to gain access to it, the kind of access that allows you to change it, (not just user access, but administrative access, like on a computer,) is not available to mere mortals.

Why? because the dominion of being is a vibrational, an energetic phenomenon.

The tools you’ve been using, the tools “energy masters” have been using are no match for the beingness.

It is like they have been trying to use a broom to perform surgery.

drtreeSometime in your life, early for most, you made a binding, nonverbal, energetic decision to be in a particular way, as a way to deal with life, the way it seemed to you. You created your dominant beingness. Your dominant beingness acts like a twist in the intestines… it blocks your natural behavior, your natural access to life and creates a sick one.

Did every living person create a twist?

I would say, most people. Some people’s twist made them very successful. Not happy, not fulfilled, not healthy, but successful. You’ve met them, the working machines. The steam rollers. The “winners.”

But most people’s twist makes them do self-defeating behavior. And although they want things what they want is incompatible with the twist, their dominant beingness.

twist in the tree trunkSo when I pull out the twist they start to act differently, often dramatically differently. Their thinking may not change, by the way. But their behavior does. 4

So  if the twist-pulling surgery was successful, then no matter what thinking says, the person will start to do different things, or simply do things differently.

Now, they may have little to work with, little knowledge, few skills, but unless their fear or resignation overrides it, their actions will take them to more knowledge, and to more skills, to a life lived on a higher plane. No real choice about that. The roots will decide the fruits…

But, in my work, I have met people who didn’t have a twist…

In my work of removing that twist in the “intestines” of your being, I have found that some people didn’t create a twist… they created a detour. Their whole being is to avoid dealing with stuff… but that is not coming from a twist.

3036745_f496Criminals are like that. Criminals on all levels and at all stations in life.

Murderers, war criminals, autocrats in politics, evil people…

Moochers and looters are like that.

They didn’t have a twist, and with all my effort I would not be able to return them to the strait and narrow: they created a detour, where they deviated from what conscience would say to do, towards what Dark Side says to do. Dark Side is desire to receive for the self alone.

asian-plantsSome pretend that they want to get back to the strait and narrow… but it’s a pretense. Their path has deviated from what I would call “human”.

Dominant belief… a misnomer

Removing what you call “the dominant belief”, a dominant attitude that leaves you with lots of desires but few if any actions that lead to achieving them, is surgery. Really.

Is it really a belief? Is it really a thought?

Not in the regular meaning of belief or thought.

You see, what creates being or beingness is a special kind of thought. According to Landmark Education, a declaration is that special kind of thought, but after observing and coaching thousands of people in Landmark, I have found that it isn’t so.

Declaration is thought. And all thought comes from, grows from a beingness, like all plants grow from a growing medium, like soil.

You are born with a base soil, that will make you grow along lines defined by your DNA. Physical DNA and social DNA. The DNA largely decides along what lines you’ll grow… your base attitudes, your propensity to learning, to sports, to success.

And then you add your own twist… making it crooked

The tip of the iceberg gives you too little information about what lies below.

So thinking that from your dominant thoughts you can figure out what is your “twist” is silly. And that is what you have been doing. Trying to find out what is your dominant thought and trying to change it.

I think I am stupid, so I’ll say: I am smart. I think I am ugly: I’ll say I am whatever… Did it work? Not at all. And yet, even after I pull the “twist” you want to know what your dominant belief was… as if it mattered, as if I cared, as if knowing it would make a difference.

This article was prompted by an email I got from a client. She called what I do is “dominant thought removal technique”.

That really says all there is to say about you, and about the current culture: it is all about thoughts… Yeah, it is all about cherries…

What I do, the surgery, will eventually change the thoughts.

But what I do is surgery, on the level of energy, on the level of vibration. Painful, bloody, precise. I wash my hands before I touch you. I prepare my attitude, I bring compassion, I become the “doctor”. To heal your being. To return you to innocence.

I know this article has its “twists” and turns… Let me summarize it here:

  • Actions are like the fruits of a tree. They come from the roots. The root is beingness.
  • Actions have nothing to do with your thoughts, therefore changing your thoughts will not change your behavior.
  • The roots are an energetic phenomenon, and need precise surgical tools to correct.
  • Most people have twists i.e. obstructions on their roots, others have deviances.
  • After the surgery, you’ll be returned to your natural state… and will grow as your DNA dictates it. Some trees are tall, some trees are small, some trees are evergreen, some trees are deciduous… but you can the best tree of your kind.
  • At this point I am offering to correct the twist. Deviances are another story: there is nothing to perform surgery on: and there is nothing that I can do.
  • If you are a person with a deviance, I’ll refund your money.

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  1. You are not your mind!
  2. I did mine yesterday. I am noticing that my thinking looks the same, but underneath something must have changed, because I am doing different... very interesting. I'll write more about this in another article...
  3. You are not your mind!
  4. I did mine yesterday. I am noticing that my thinking looks the same, but underneath something must have changed, because I am doing different… very interesting. I’ll write more about this in another article…

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