Can Karma put a cord or attachment on you?

karma dominates youIf you believe in Karma

Karma (in Hinduism and Buddhism: the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.) is an action that, according to Indian philosophy, needs to be countered with another action.

There is good karma and there is bad karma.

Karma is a method to imprison you. Imprison? Yeah… Truth be told: A good action doesn’t balance a bad one, and no matter what you do, a bad action is a bad action. Done. Over. Next.

Karma acts on you like an energetic attachment. Not the action, no. The belief of karma energetically attaches yourself, anchors you and leaches your aliveness.

Karma is a lot like the national debt: it cannot be worked off, paid off, by design. You are always in debt, and that’s that.

This whole inquiry started from a recent insight I had: that people from India or Pakistan, originally or still live there, have disproportionately more attachments than “normal” people with different belief system.

What creates the attachment? It is a strong emotional connection, in Karma’s case.

karma strings you alongI don’t believe in karma, and I don’t believe in reincarnation. That doesn’t mean there is no reincarnation: I just find it an non-useful belief: I prefer to live like this is my only chance to do life well. I like the urgency of it, the immediacy of it.

The idea of reincarnation creates lazy people. I don’t like laziness… got it?

Now with that said: what are your choices if you are one of these attachment-ridden individuals?

After all getting me to remove your attachments piecework, and then get some new every time you do something, doesn’t sound wise.

So I muscle tested if any of my audios is suitable to remove attachments.

The Secret Weapon (The Big Bundle) actually can remove a bunch of attachments, if they are only loosely connected.

For example, a woman whose attachments I removed yesterday, had loose attachments: the roots were shallow, like grass. The Secret Weapon could easily wash those off. Maybe not in one application, but in several short sessions.

At the moment the Secret Weapon is not offered for sale, But next week I’ll open it up for three days again. Sign up in the sidebar to be notified when it is open, so you can get it.

If you already have the audio… now you know: you bought a really powerful weapon. Congratulations.

The Secret Weapon cannot dislodge and remove your twisted path coming from your dominant belief. I know you hoped it would, but it is not a loose attachment. I wish it were.

Just for fun:

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