Soul Correction Actions: Part 2: Fear

Fear is a LiarThe “Therefore” is: I am afraid, I feel fear, therefore I should run, hide, resist, do nothing.

Fear is universal, and we all feel afraid some of the time, and a lot of us most of the time.

I never considered fear as a “thing” until I was in a seminar, back in 1988? called Creativity: Living at Risk.

The leader of the 10-session Landmark Seminar was hollering: Move towards the fear, call it excitement.

bad advice, perpetuates fearI found that very inspiring, and yet, to this day, I haven’t been able to do what it asks for. Instead I had a lull of about eight months… I descended into massive fear.

On the surface the advice sounds really good, doesn’t it? It says change what you think, change what you feel, and then you’ll feel different THEREFORE you’ll be able to do the things you are now afraid to do.

And that is the culture. That is what is politically correct. That is what everyone teaches.

But it is the wrong advice. Why?


  • Whatever you cannot be with, won’t allow you to be.
  • Whatever you need to change… will get stronger.
  • Whatever you resist… persists.

When you rename the fear as excitement, you resist it. You “need” it to change before you can DO. This is one of the reasons positive thinking kills your life: you resist what is… and it starts running your life, grow, until that is all there is. It is not other people’s negativity that is effecting you, it is your positivity… the most potent poison humanity has invented to date.

It’s the way to be paralyzed, and be reduced to a selfish little clod of ailments and grievances.

“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.”
George Bernard Shaw

you have to love yourselfSo what else can you do? Right? After all don’t you really have to feel like doing something to do it?

My personal breakthrough came when one morning I found myself afraid to do something. What was different about that morning is that I asked an unusual question: What is “IT” saying? Meaning the mind, or whatever it is that talks in your head incessantly.

I lied down on my bed, and put a pillow over my head to be able to hear what it was saying. IT said: “I can’t.”

Ho-ho, wait a minute? How do you know? I threw off the pillow and stared right into the face of the “IT”. How do you know? It hasn’t happened. YOU HAVE NO IDEA, DO YOU?! I yelled.

no negotiations, just do itI then proceeded to do what I said I could not.

That was the first time. Memorable.

Since then I have done countless things the mind said I could not…

The trick for me was to catch the fear. For me catching fear is an opportunity to have this same conversation.

Will this work for you?

If you have one of those fear-based soul corrections, then probably not.

The most fearful soul correction is “Silent Partner

But when you observe Silent Partner, you instead see forcefulness, belligerence, refusing to do it.

This forcefulness, belligerence, refusal is the result of therefore…

I am afraid, therefore I’ll become forceful, belligerent, and refuse to cooperate.

Another forceful soul correction, where forceful is a “therefore” is Revealing the Dark Side.

The only soul correction where fear is the central theme is the soul correction “Fear“.

Your best bet in mastering your soul correction is to learn the moves, learn your therefores, so you can have a choice.

Unless you know what is your knee jerk reaction, you will not benefit from this work, you’ll continue generating the same life you’ve beem living, automatically.

PS: One underlying “truth” that you may want to deal with is your relationship to life. If you really look, your attitude, your relationship to life is that you are small and life is big. That you are not a match to life. That you are fragile, and that you can’t take it.

The best remedy I know for this is to come face to face with yourself: no opinion, no judgment, just you and you… and see that you are bigger than life. Really. But you can’t see it until at least 40% of the “stuff” that is between you and you disappears…

The activator that slowly chips away on that stuff is called The Unconditional Love activator. If your vibration is above 170, you can use the audios to listen. If it is below, you’ll use the infusable audio to infuse it into your daily water… to work for you and help you love yourself.

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