Still heading down the wrong road, even after I pulled your attachments?

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This article closely relates to the soul correction articles AND the attachments, cords articles.

Oftentimes a difficult case is what leads researchers to new insights. This exactly how it happened today… I had a client who, periodically, has serious heart symptoms, even though physically there is nothing wrong with his heart.

For a while, whenever I muscle tested people for attachments, even after the removal of the attachments, the muscle test answer was yes/no. The fingers opened but only a little bit. Yes and no… Maddening, lol.

I clarified it with Source, that it means: there are some things like attachments on the person, but not exactly attachments. Something else, but close.

What does that mean? That means, as I now know, that the “attachment” did not come from the outside.

The two types of attachments, karma attachments and the dominant belief attachments were already of that category, by the way, the “attachment” did not come from the outside.

But it turns out that there is even a third category that shares a lot of similarities with the karma and the dominant belief, in that it is coming from you and it is the result of a “therefore” statement.


The Probable, ALMOST CERTAIN future… aka dark premonition

I will die, I’ll get sick, I’ll be abandoned, I’ll be homeless, I’ll be disgraced, shamed, rejected… penniless, found out, killed, etc. etc. etc. I am sure you have your own version.

The cultural foundation

Certain cultures are more inclined to create such an internal “attachment” by virtue of myths, magical thinking, karma, religious thinking, superstition, and such. Pretty much works like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Not constructive, not rational thinking. And yet it sticks and wreaks havoc. You can’t change your mind… maddening. You can’t explain it away. Horrible.

Positive thinking came out of that mystical, magical thinking… except that positive thinking is like chocolate on horse manure: the chocolate covering doesn’t make it a chocolate cake.

But the idea of positive thinking is actually based on some observations: people with a deep set fear based belief, unwittingly make what they are afraid of, eventually happen, But not always.

In positive thinking people concentrate on the “yes” and ignore the “no”… selective proofs, the same way most dishonest scientist, pharmaceutical companies support their theories or products.


Life doesn’t care what you think

Life doesn’t care what you think. And unless the fear constricts the blood flow, rob you of your sleep, make you not breathe… Unless you go to meet trouble, unless you take unnecessary risks, what you are afraid of is not likely to happen. It is NOT true that we really create with our mind. I wish it were…

Some people read horoscopes, go to shamans, and fortune tellers, and then they are sure that the bad thing is going to happen, and you can make a bad thing happen with a much higher certainty, because your behavior will invite a lot of trouble.

The ‘quasi attachment’ I identified today is “a bad thing that is going to happen to me” type of therefore… I violated god’s commandment, therefore I will be squashed… I had an abortion, therefore I am a bad person… I took steroids and therefore now I am in line for a heart attack

You surely recognize your magical thinking patterns, I do. And I have made most of the bad things happen I put after “therefore”. By behaving in a certain harmful way, by selective attention… I used every tool I have at my disposal… lol… not funny.

Most of these are punishment type conclusions… by the way.

Now, what is surprising is that these become energetic attachments, and by that I mean they have a physical place where they attach, spring roots, and interfere with your life, your well being. Because they are at a certain fixed place, I I can find them, and I can pull them out, permanently.

I am going to pull, for myself, the several “therefores” I made up, after my mom said that I was a whore. I wish I had known this 30-40 years ago. I would still have many of my organs I exploded to make myself suffer and to make my mother right.

From now on I will pull these too when someone asks me to remove their attachments.

But what if you have already gotten rid of your attachments?

I have never pulled these… except for the client this morning.

I will NOT offer pulling these for free to people who have had their attachments pulled: I did pull their attachments.

This is a whole new thing, and therefore you will have to pay for them. How much? 15 minutes of my time. Some of you will be harder, but I hope that it will balance itself out. So actually probably I will muscle test how many of these you have before I send you the link to pay… Many of you are riddled, covered with these bad boys.

This is why life doesn’t change, hasn’t changed, could not change

selective-perception: you see what you expect to seeAs with all attachments, your future will depend on you. Whether you’ll take different actions or not. There is no magical solution.

If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result, attachments or no attachments.

Of course, without the attachments it is easier to do the right thing… but you still have a choice. I hope you’ll choose the right thing.

Just send me an email if you have your attachments already pulled, or if you haven’t, send me a donation to be checked for attachments.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Still heading down the wrong road, even after I pulled your attachments?”

  1. Your revelation of my attachment was so accurate and that it’s worth asking you to do it and paying for it. Thank you so much Sophie…xxx

  2. Hello Sophie just want to share that after you removed my attachment today I had small successes. After eating my dinner around 9:30 pm I suddenly felt very sleepy, and my normal automatic reaction would have been to go to bed and sleep , even though I have plans to change my bed sheet and pillowcases first. But I did not go to bed I successfully choose and changed my bed sheet and pillowcases, plus I did more small stuff that I have planned to do and it’s already 11:25 pm here in London and I am still awake and choose to do the dishes now which I would normally put off until tomorrow because I am sleepy. Celebrating small successes… 🙂 x

  3. since you removed my internal self imposed attachment my heart pains have almost completely diminished. They were intense the last few weeks. The heart would pound so hard my body would shake with every beat. What a relief.
    You are amazing and do amazing work.
    It blows my mind that I was using everything to control this like cayenne tincture and other circulation herbs but could not get the heart to normalize. A quick email to Sophie and the next morning when she pulled it, the heart normalized. It is just amazing.

  4. Actually, you want to know that I went to examine the situation with serious trepidations, because on a previous occasion I couldn’t see what might be ailing your heart.

    But this time came at the right time, after I solved the dominant belief attachment conundrum, and was open that there may be attachments of a different kind.

    I am grateful for the timing, and I am happy I could help. xoxo

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