I had a few interesting client interactions today plus epigenetics

achievement-unlockedI have gleaned quite come new information about people who become my clients.

–Client #1: energy teacher, practitioner.

Has been paying me for years to do work on him. This time I did work on him, on his ex, and am waiting for payment to work on some of his associates.

It doesn’t even occur to him to work on being a co-creator: he is either believing in my power to do it for him, or he doesn’t believe in it…

My hunch is that he, secretly, knows that what he does is ineffective, and by the same token he is sure, secretly, that what I do is ineffective.

Reminds me of money gurus, or law of attraction gurus: big boys club support each other: each benefit equally by throwing dust in the unsuspecting “plebs” eyes.

Will I do the work on his associates? I will. Will it benefit them? To the degree that a surgery benefits you. Unless you change your behavior that got you ill, you’ll get ill again. But for a while you’ll be fine.

DNA activation–Client #2: returning long time student

who after a bout of studying with me, got a major shift in his life, and he promptly left the huddle… but he came back to get his attachments removed just today.

His soul correction is Memories, so he is a mind-dweller: we could say crudely: he has his head up his ass. No offense, but that is how it is. No observation, no being present, nothing is noticed: if someone changes, it is always a surprise to them.

Two years ago he got out of his head by doing a simple exercise: noticing when he would compare. Simple enough for you? That is all he did, and it got his head out of his ass…

Now, two years later, of course, the memory of doing that is there, but the memory won’t do him any good, will it?

He writes:


I understand everything you’re saying intellectually – and I’ve learned enough from you to know that that is no good! So I have been contemplating your question at the end, “Will I accept your teaching?” The answer is yes, I do accept it, but I also know that it is just my mind talking…so I am asking you, how can I truly and with my deepest being accept your teaching? What do I need to do for that to happen?

My answer:

The ‘small actions – small miracles method’ will confirm for you that
a. you can do it,
b. it’s effective.

the small actions can be in any direction in the beginning, just to get out of the hole. Any unusual action is good. Just that it is not the same action is a miracle.

Eventually you’ll start to see what actions need to be taken so you stop being used by the usual and attachment defined ways

In his case the first small actions need to be to notice that he is operating from memory. Noticing is an action. Observation is an action. Not reacting is an action. Not making assumptions is also an action. Invisible for outsiders, but you need to do it… so it’s an action.

Noticing that he isn’t even looking… is an action.

I never said it was going to be easy. In fact I did say that it is going to be difficult because all the actions need to be new.

Observation doesn’t come easy for any soul-correction… and even when people “observe” what remains is their meaning, their interpretation, so it will take a lot more observation that what you are used to, to make a dent in the direction life is going: misery.

From this you can see that although I cut the anchor, pulled the attachments, and yet, your habitual actions are not changing by themselves.

dormant-dna-activationClient #3: He is not smarter than you, but he has taken many small actions,

…because his health was so bad. Now it comes easier for him to do the small actions. Once he is clear that his “doom” wants him to do the jerking, going into extremes type of actions, he can start taking balancing actions.

If he doesn’t stop, I promise epigenetic changes1


Genetics is a huge science, and I don’t claim to know more than a smidgen, just enough to make me dangerous.

When the changes are inspired and supported by an energetic shift… and pulling attachments is that, a major energetic shift.

When your actions start to take you to a different direction, it can turn on a gene in your genome, that has been inactive… like intelligence, like caring, like being present.

Groups of people, and even individuals, who have chosen to act consistently in an uphill fashion, stand out in the world, because most people choose downhill, or at best level plane actions, to maintain status.

Both on a group and an individual level epigenetic changes can result… turning on certain parts of the dormant, inactive DNA… i.e. increasing the person’s potential.

When I decided that I’ll make lemonade from the bitter lemon of being an empath, I started to take uphill steps, many, diligently, much like someone who aspires to become an Olympic athlete, or run a marathon.

I had capabilities when I started, but there is no comparison between the me then, and the me now.

When you want to get results from the work I do on you, pulling your attachments, for example, you need to start doing the work for epigenetic change… or the results are going to be very short lived.

DNA-magnifiedSmall actions, inner or outer, ease you into it.

And even if you never graduate bigger actions, your changes cement themselves, and you’ll be a hole different person, a person who can, a person who is not reactive the same way you were before.

But no one can do it for you.

That was the purpose of that group program… the small steps, small miracles program I announced a week or so ago.

One person signed up.

That is where it’s at. That is why I don’t mind dying… soon, if I may. 2

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  1. “Scientists” are only interested in health, at this point, because being interested in behavior would take them to the treacherous area of race, which is, at this point, not politically correct. But epigenetic changes are most observable in racially homogenous groups, not individuals. What we are doing here is attempting to duplicate the results certain groups produced in hundreds of years of taking uphill roads… Will we have any results? I can’t wait to know.
  2. Warning: I haven’t watched this video… it may be b.s.

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