Updated: The secret of being able to change, and be reborn with a higher frequency

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becoming independent from society's pullThe original of this article was published a year ago… I have added new insights today

The secret of my being able to change, and be reborn with a higher frequency, a higher vibration, is that I have been able to keep in check the societal imperative to care about other people more than I care about myself. And in addition to that, I have been able to admit to myself all the errors of my ways that I can see. So I don’t even want to look good to myself. I am willing to accept myself, warts and all… for all I am and for all I am lacking.

This comes with giving up the emotional impact of others view of me, of others opinion of me, of others praise or hate of me, and my opinion of me… especially when I make a mistake, a false step, or when I make a fool of myself.

This attachment to opinions needs to be actively given up: no epigenetic shift, no transformation, no energy remedy will make these opinions neutral: we do live in a society, and others opinion of you and your products determines your money: and your money determines whether you eat, be sheltered, have leisure time, and a lot more. And your own opinion about yourself will determine whether you are going to play fully… or shrink.

So opinions are important, but they are not important emotionally.

Fear is emotional. Careful, thoughtful pro-action is not.

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I have put on weight since I discovered the mite epidemic, and look a lot like a whale nowadays. Does it have an emotional impact on me? No. Do I care what you think about it? Yes. Do I care, emotionally? No. Am I afraid you’ll judge me? No. Am I going to fling my flab (lol, fling my flab, don’t you just love the expression? lol) imprudently? No. I am not going to put you on the spot and ask you to love me in spite of what you dislike: flab.

other-peopleIn today’s world, where people are forced to live up to an ideal that is only natural to a small genetically predisposed percentage of female population, and most women, unwittingly, unconsciously say yes to something that is darn impossible for them, I am not going to blatantly fling my inability to stay slim, or even presentable.

I am paying the price for the work I do, and there are trade-offs. But I want to do the work I do, that’s how I make a living, so I am going to keep my flab hidden, or at least I won’t talk about much.

Now, what does that mean? (I am getting feedback that it is hard to follow my articles… I am sorry about that)

quote-i-care-not-what-others-think-of-what-i-do-but-i-care-very-much-about-what-i-think-of-what-i-doIt means that I have managed to emotionally liberate myself from my impact on others.

Why is this relevant? Because if you are a teacher, a healer, a “sage”, your effect on other people is what people pay for. But if it is emotionally important to you, then you are locked into staying the same, i.e. you stop growing. (This is true for everyone, not only teachers. If you react to others opinion of you emotionally, you just signed your “stop growing” or “grow backwards” sentence.)

It is the fate of a lot of teachers I have looked at. Their whole identity is vested in their effect, they are vested emotionally, and that has prevented them from growing as a person.

andre-gideImagine them catching their own self lying, pretending, teaching the wrong thing… Are they going to laugh and self-correct? Of course not. It is like asking them to turn their skin inside out, or let you smell their poop.

What they don’t know is that without emotional attachment to their effect, without doing what they do only for others, they can keep their attention on what’s important: them becoming all they can be.. Whether they know it or not, that is the purpose of life: becoming all you can become.

i-don-t-give-a-fuck-if-they-remember-me-at-allThe difference is like this: one person, let’s say a cello player, is emotionally invested in how the audience responds. The other cello player is fully in the music, fully following the music where it is going, whether the audience is able to or willing to follow them there.

don't care who gets the creditThe first one will be a mediocre cello player. A slave. Cowardly. Won’t take risks. Only a little bit of her self is in the music. The second cello player may not be popular, but she takes the music, and follows the music, and soars with it to untouched skies.

I prefer to be the second cello player and the untouched sky.

So what does it take? (listen up here, those of you that don’t know what small actions you could take!)

I live in a major university area. The people here are mostly students or professors. I have been living naked because any clothing makes the mites bite more… It is summer, and no one is across the yard… I am lucky. (Since last year this has changed… there is a handsome young man living across the yard. He hasn’t complained… yet. lol)

The downstairs apartment has been vacant for a year. I enjoy my privacy.

Today I had a thought: what if suddenly people would not want to live on a hill, and these two places didn’t get rented? I reveled in the glee of “desire to receive for the self alone” for about a minute or two, and then laughed heartily at the evilness of it.

This was an action that most anyone can “do”: notice something evil (desire to receive for the self alone), like judging, like resignation, like anger, like slothfulness, like envy, enjoy it for a minute or two, and then laugh.

Or try to laugh.

hate-bestThe moment you can actually laugh (not pretend to laugh) you got beyond it, and an epigenetic shift can happen, especially if you also have gotten your energetic attachments removed. The more often you laugh, the more the shift will be cemented… Epigenetic shifts are reversible.

I can almost map out how I got myself to a vibration  980… by the incidence of laughter.

These are the steps that are small miracles. Too hard? (Shrugging shoulder.)

You thought you can get free lunch, right? Well, you can’t.

Download the pdf version of this article caring-what-others-say

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