If you asked a tree if it knows what it’s doing

Vincent_van_Gogh_Starry_NightIf you asked a tree if it knows what it’s doing, it would say: “No. I am just going to do the next thing that seems like the next step.”

That doesn’t mean the tree doesn’t have a vision. It does. Every tree’s vision is to compete with the stars. It is what they want to do.

And they do it on the level and in the format that is programmed into their DNA… some trees are tall, other trees are wide, yet other trees are dwarfs… because you can compete with the stars wherever you are, however you are.

I am a lot like a tree: I have a vision for everything I do, but no plan. No blueprint. Just a sense of what is the next thing that seems like the next step.

Maddening, I know. But, if you pay attention, I get a lot done this way, a lot more than you with your big plans that you are not working on.

One secret…

…is to move your decision making “organ” out of your mind, out of the world of having to, needing to, wanting to, and should, into the: this step feels good to me.

The other secret is to have the vision be like gravity, something that moves you, without effort, in the direction you need to move.

Both are hard, but both are possible. It takes practice.

your visions are made by the mind

At the moment, I guess, your visions are made by the mind, and therefore they are of the world of having to, needing to, wanting to, and should… mind-visions. No gravity.

The visions that are like gravity come from the DNA. The DNA, or genome, is about 200 times bigger than where you are now, and even just activating one of those dimmed light bulbs is a worthy vision, worthy of your life.

the visions the DNA creates

If you look at that scenario: the visions the DNA creates are all about expanding, being bigger, closer to the stars.

If you follow the mandates of the DNA, you’ll be an expanding human being.

One of the visions I have is to build a ladder for those that are ready, to ascend on.


The Reclaim Program

I call it the Reclaim program, and obviously what you reclaim in it is your ability and practice to follow the mandates of the DNA, instead of the pull of the doom, the pull of society, the pull of shoulds. To become the ninth, the tenth, the eleventh human being on the planet. At this point there are only eight, and I am one of them.

When the Harmonizer shakes apart the aspects of you that are not willing to grow, so you can see them, you have choices, many, choosing to grow or not to grow.

That is all anyone can do for you: point out where you need to make different choices, suggest them. But the action is entirely up to you. This is how it works.

The Reclaim program is for people that have all their energetic leaks removed from their body… including the dominant belief’s therefore, and the anchor-to-doom.

Why? Because like an airplane needs to be defrosted to fly, you need to be free to choose, free to fly: if you want to. You don’t have that with all the attachments hanging off you.

The program

Ok, now the program, the Reclaim program will start in few days. You can join or leave any time.

The structure is: you get coaching, your questions answered, if they are about the program. Extracurricular questions won’t get answered, I’ll instruct the coaches to ignore them.

Your main coach is myself, but you’ll have another coach: a participant coach, whose main job is to use their being a coach to cause growth for themselves. No instructions to cause growth for you, even to cause clarity, knowledge, or anything.

That is my job.


A coach is specially singled out because they are at the cusp of a breakthrough in activating their dna. On light bulb. And while they coach, I can see if they are on the right track. And I can intercept.

So being a coach is not a do-gooding, not a support, not contribution: it’s a visible (to me) practice.

That doesn’t mean they won’t support you, or what they do may not be a contribution: but that is not what is important to me.

Coaches don’t pay. Why? because moving them up the ladder is my divine assignment, my passion, and I should pay them… truthfully.

At this point only two coaches are signed up, I have room for four more.

And a whole lot of participants, of course.

Sign up

Here is the link to sign up. As I said: you can quit any time.


The link takes you to paypal. It’s a weekly pay, to make it easy for you to quit. I don’t want to carry dead weight.

If you haven’t had all your attachments removed, please start the conversation.


PS: One more thing: if I have accepted you as a coach but you haven’t signed up to the Reclaim program, please do so now. There is a coach orientation webinar this coming Sunday… you can’t be on it unless you are in the program.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “If you asked a tree if it knows what it’s doing”

  1. Why cant visions be held in the Mind & the heart, and thus brought about by the communication of the two? They both serve their purposes, do they not?

    It would seem some aspect of goals require the processing of the mind or analytic side of things, and some would lean more towards being heart oriented. Some would of course require the intermingling of our heart and mind working in tandem. Even better, why not say you consult your entire being on the matter?

  2. In the system I teach the heart is a muscle.

    Second, had you read the article carefully, I am not talking about “holding” the vision, I am talking about creating the vision.
    Please go back and read what I wrote, and then comment… but please, don’t comment from your usual Tree of Knowledge, the home of stupidity, low vibration, and misery.


    PS: normally I would just delete a comment like this, but I am sure that you are not the only one who read what you already knew not what was written there… So if there will be one person who goes back and re-reads, it is worth keeping your comment, even thought its only purpose to make you feel good about yourself, smart, all knowing, etc… Are you really? hm.

  3. If you had actually read my comment and comprehended it, the holding the vision was a prelude to actually creating it. I thought this would be obvious, along with your general distaste and lashing out, which is completely unwarranted. What else I found entertaining, all knowing(Or should I say feeling) Empath, is my comment didn’t come from any acquired knowledge or desire to be “all knowing”, but my legitimate interpretation and genuine questioning of what could be used for the same motive.

    It was just a general reaction… that seemed to invoke one from you that wasn’t even accurate on any of the levels you think it to be. It seems like the real reason you were going to delete the comment, was because of a personal resentment you harbor against me(for whatever reason) or because it challenged your notion.

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