Warning: The nature of the Dark Side and the Reclaim program

When you really decide to turn your life to the Light, the Dark Side will do everything it can to keep you back.

Now, whether it is your ego, or if there is really a Dark Side, it is quite immaterial, because the results are the same, and the remedy is the same

When you really decide to turn you life to the Light, to grow, to become a human being, to activate your DNA, expect the forces of darkness create a barrier for you.

Suddenly all kinds of mishaps will happen.

One student: her nephew got caught up in trouble, and unless he pays the gang, he’ll be history. The student has given him all her money… and yet the nephew will probably be killed.

Your boss will have new assignments for you
Your car will have flat tires, or will get stolen…
You’ll lose money
You’ll get into arguments
You’ll have an accident.

Depending on the actual danger to the Dark Side… the severity of the trouble will be bigger or smaller.

Be prepared. This is the nature of the game

If you get scared away, then we’ll know that fear and comfort is more important to you, and that’s ok. This game is for the brave, not for the faint of heart.

Also, sometimes the Dark Side creates irresistible opportunities for you, that you can’t pass up.

Same thing. The Dark Side wants the status quo.

The Reclaim program is a big threat… the biggest the Dark Side has had maybe ever.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Warning: The nature of the Dark Side and the Reclaim program”

  1. I am feeling so much rage at the moment towards my family and my employer.

    The victim mentality is fueling this rage, and I just want to lash out.

    I have been practicing staying present in my body for 5 minutes, which is my first goal to become a prosperous neighborhood.

    I do this in the morning right before I step into my office because there has been so much stress for me there lately.

    Since it’s the weekend, I just look for a quiet place at home and try to connect.

    This feels so uncomfortable and makes me want to numb out.

  2. Of course it feels uncomfortable… the world that seems to demand that you don’t feel what you feel, that you only feel what is good and pleasant and smooth, has robbed you of your toughness.

    Anger is good. You have to get through it to be able to see another vantage point. Feel it.

  3. I have also been feeling rage, yesterday i was reversed out my drive ready to pull away and a car had to stop to let me go.

    I put up my hand in the standard gesture of appreciation and the expression i saw on the other driver was something like “you’re stupid” or “idiot”

    Is this rage linked to “i will never be good enough” i am not sure, i may be sticking that label to everything at the moment.

    It is almost like they are looking down on me, but i feel like that has been my job, perhaps that is what i do to others.

    Even thinking about it now it enrages me, i feel a need to find this person and rage or convince them to have a different view of me, hmm.

    I know none of this would make a difference and their expression is not about me, yet there it is, rage.

  4. I just had a flash of insight… Your interpretation that you are stupid is just one way to look at your doom… Another way to look at it, a sideways view, is that people misunderstand you, when they do. That makes you be even less clear…

    What if the guy was from another country where that hand signal means something else? Different nations use different hand signals… I had to learn the hard way.

    The rage is old. And shows that you are stuck in one vantage point: your own.

  5. The rage does feel old, it is not usual, also i don’t usually feel stupid, possibly i over compensate, i am aware i try hard to make sure i am clear and not misunderstood.

    Writing this comment i will go back and forth to make sure what i am writing is clear, changing words here and there.

    I am stuck in my vantage point of the incident, i will calm and look from some other vantage points.

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