Positive belief myths

positive beliefsIt is in the unsaid, it is the obvious that doesn’t need to be said, that dominant beliefs that keep us poor, miserable and sick are beliefs that are negative, about ourselves, or about money.

In my work with people, especially pulling the “therefore” of the dominant belief, and pulling the anchor to their doom, I find that about 50% of people have a dominant belief that is a “positive” belief.

Men have it more than women, by my experience.

It follows the lines of “you can have anything that you put your mind to“. Now, the fact that you have no idea how to put your mind on to anything, doesn’t even occur to these people. Because putting your mind to something is hard, and will result in a lot of work… because nothing is available in reality without work.

Another thing that results from misunderstanding, misinterpreting that sentence says this: “it doesn’t matter what you know. It doesn’t matter what you are made of. It doesn’t matter what you have done. The statement is true, every time, and all the time.”

This false interpretation leaves out important factors when it comes to achievement:

  1. intelligence. for lack of a better way to measure it, your IQ.
  2. Your set of skills
  3. your talents
  4. your natural inclinations
  5. your habits
  6. your environment
  7. your physical characteristics, your height, your weight, your looks, your strength, your disabilities, your voice, etc.

Most everybody would laugh if the gurus came out with courses, like “The pushbutton method of becoming a championship boxer”, or “Become a Metropolitan Opera Singer by the end of the year” Because everyone, even you, can see that you need talent for these occupations, for these results. 1

But when it comes to making a living, when it comes to making money, everyone thinks that it takes no talent, no special abilities, that everyone could do it, including themselves.


The whole culture is delusional, and with it you are delusional too.

  • It began with beliefs that angry gods can be appeased by sacrifices. 2
  • It continued and became, finally, the source of the downfall of all humanity with Jesus: “you just have to believe in me and then you can go to heaven.” No work needed. No going to hell and back. Just believe. 3

And it is perpetuated in the microcosm of your life by your mother and by inspirational memes and literature.

Only the tough ever succeeds.

  • It takes toughness to do the work that you don’t enjoy to do, and most people don’t enjoy to do the work of skill building.
  • It takes toughness to say no to easy.
  • It takes toughness to admit your handicaps.

You have to cook with what you have. You have to succeed with what you have.

Intelligence, measured by IQ, doesn’t change in a lifetime. What may change and appear as more intelligence, is awareness, being present, patience, focus, and such. But all those can only use your available IQ.

The average IQ in the United States is now 80. It used to be 100. But it has dropped, and it has dropped tremendously.

And I am talking about average. Some people have high IQ, so many people have IQ lower than 80. Some are my readers. And they ask me how to make money. How to succeed.

I don’t have an answer for them. Because they may have no skills and they are not willing to build skills. They may have no knowledge. They may have no talents… They only have desires. And complaints. And bad feelings.

After I pull the therefore and the anchor-to-doom

MM3After I pull the therefore and the anchor-to-doom they have a chance to build up some healthy relationship to themselves and to reality, if they do the work in the Reclaim program, but chances that they’d to the work is miniscule.

Because, as I said in a previous paragraph:

This interpretation leaves out important factors when it comes to achievement: 1. intelligence. for lack of a better way to measure it, your IQ. 2. Your set of skills 3. your talents 4. your natural inclinations 5. your habits 6. your environment

One of those will sure as hell stop you.

Most people are unwilling to do the work. Most people are habitual, and will do what they have always done, expecting a different result.

Awareness, consciousness is needed

I myself have to make some changes.

For the past 10 days or so I have been angry. Angry on several levels above where I used to be angry, but angry nevertheless, and not any more pleasant than before.

Today I discovered that “accidentally” I put the meaning of my life outside of myself. I said, that my life is about making a difference… and misery followed as surely as night follows day.

I caught myself… in a conversation. The Reclaim is like that: a private conversation where you can catch yourself.

I caught myself, and dropped that “meaning”, and returned to a meaning I have control over. I returned to “My life is about growing and activating as much of my DNA as humanly possible. Why? To create precedent. Am I the first? No. There have been people with this goal before. But I am already ahead of them… and there is still ways to go.”

Is this meaning about you? No. If you are stupid, if the government is stupid, if you don’t follow instructions, will it now touch me? No. And that is the point.

It makes me untouchable. I like it. I keep it.

PS: Videos like this, teachings like this will make you more miserable than you were before.


  1. A few years ago a guy with muscular dystrophy stood up in a Landmark course and declared his goal to become an NBA basketball player. No one laughed. No one bat an eyes… this is the state of humanity: totally cut off from reality, delusional.
  2. Today, the same belief is still very much alive. Hoping that the enemy will change their attitude because we are kind to them…
  3. Jesus was the first documented success teacher who sold you a bill of goods, that was worthless. If he were alive today, he would be promoted by MindValley, and 5-10 people a day would visit my site to find out what I think about him… would find out and turn around and still buy the “religion of consolation” that makes you more miserable than you were before.

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