Updated: How to use context to be more astute, and feel better?

the-dark-side-of-the-moonWhen I have an unexpected feeling or emotion, I look for a context, because context is decisive. 1

This morning I had heart symptoms.

When you have a symptom, it is important to know what is causing it, because your actions will be different with different causes. Same symptom,different action.

Turns out that it was a Dark Side transmission.

Feelings are energies, and they can be duplicated by someone more advanced in energy sorcery than I even strive to be.

Had I been you, I would already be in the emergency room, racking up a huge bill.

dark-side-transmission-2On the other hand, had I thought it was anxiety but I’d be in the middle of a heart attack… I would probably not writing this article: I would be dead.

A client of mine has been experiencing trouble with his heart, palpitations, pain, blockage.

He asked me to advise him, and I intuit that he has heartworm… rare in humans.

His doctors have been refusing to even test for heartworms… and because he needs two drops of blood, he hasn’t done his own test, or if he has… he hasn’t let me know.

Do I know it’s heartworms? No. I feel it is heartworms, but I am only human. Not all knowing, all seeing.

The purpose of this article is to wake you up to the concept of context.

dark-side-transmissionEvery summer, and some days in the winter, the Dark Side transmissions break through some barrier and come down as deep as Washington DC.

Two years in a row, I documented on the site the “Flavor of the Day” emotional transmission, asking feedback from clients and students.

If you live unconsciously, then the transmissions will speak to your below conscious level, and will gain an even greater significance for you, completely going around your conscious mind, and powerfully advising your actions.

If you live unconsciously today, you may go back to bed. You may try to breathe as little as you can… or clutch your heart and end up in the emergency room.

I said to myself: just breathe… it will go away. And it did. In about three minutes.

devils-poolBut when you are unconscious, you hold onto the feeling for hours… add anxiety to it, for days.

The moment you have the presence of mind to ask: what is the context? Your actions will be different depending on the context.

For example, when I eat something and suddenly I feel weak, I muscle test what in the food made me weak, if it was in the food.

I have discovered that any seed, beans, nuts, grain, or the seeds in berries make me weak in the knee. Wow… that is most of what I eat! Darn.

So now I have a chance to take an action that will make my life a lot better. Now the question is: do I care about myself enough to take that step… hm. We’ll see… lol.

Now, I understand that most of you don’t know how to muscle test yourself.

But I do have a course for muscle testing. If you can connect to Source, get the original muscle testing course. If you can’t stay connected while muscle testing, get the new course. Either way, after you pay, paypal will take you to the registration page… Make sure you register, or you won’t get your course.

Tomorrow I’ll write about Customer Favorite #2: the Heaven on Earth… It will help you to get back into your body, and into consciousness, instead of sleepwalking through life.

It’s not a cure, it’s an ongoing support. It will help you raise your vibration, but at any vibrational level you can continue sleepwalking… as many of my long time clients prove it… they took the Heaven on Earth for a while, then forgot why they were taking it… and here they are, sleepwalking. On a higher vibration, but still…


some days are like this: my email is crowded with people asking for help. Most of them were trying to do some of the things they know to do: eft, and healing codes and all kinds of fixing stuff.

Don’t do it. Don’t even try to use the Heaven on Earth with the intention to fix: all fixing fixates the thing you are trying to fix.

Relax. Breathe normally. Allow it. Allow it even more. In a minute or two, if you really allowed it, if you stopped resisting it, making it wrong, wishing it were different, it will go away. Guaranteed.

Which should tell you something: the highest and most effective skill you can learn is to allow things to be exactly the way they are. Really.

You can practice allowing, or letting go, by holding a pen, or a ball, or anything, an they allowing it to drop.

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  1. Context is speaking. There is no such thing as context, context is personal, and malleable. You can make up your own context. Positive thinking was supposed to be a context, but it devolved into stupidity.
    One of my favorite contexts to make up… because you make up your context, invent it, design it, because it is up to you: is that it’s my soul correction whatever is happening to me is part of my growth.
    Victor Frankl calls it meaning in his amazing and effective logo therapy… logo comes from Greek: word, speaking… you always make it up with words… and your life transforms as a result.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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4 thoughts on “Updated: How to use context to be more astute, and feel better?”

  1. Thank you Sophie,
    For warning and explaining this. Yesterday for no special reason I felt terrible… Anxious, terrified, really bad! Today a lot better. It was really helpful to read your post about this!

  2. That’s interesting. Something was going on yesterday for me too – for no apparent reason I found myself less motivated, feeling tired, only doing the minumum of what I wanted to do and procrastinating instead. Also noticed bursts of pain in the chest, left side near the heart at first and then right side.

    Much better today as well.

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