What is high vibration, really? Is everyone wrong about it?

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All you do to raise your vibration is plain wrong and actually lowers your vibration.

I got this email this morning:

Hello Sophie,
I have read some of Your reviews. I thought raising vibrations meant inner transformation, less ego and more kindness. Sorry, but to me Your Message does not seem truthful. I do not think it is Your intention, but I have to quit.
Regards from K

A lot of visitors have the same opinion: higher vibration means more kindness…

Now, where is this coming from? If you watched the movie (on my subscribers’ site) Babette’s Feast, you saw that the Christian sect in that movie taught kindness and love… but it was not present and available for any of the members. It was pretense and talk.

Having a standard of more kindness and love without a higher consciousness, wider cone of vision (Big Picture) is a commandment that creates pretense: the pretense of love and kindness that is as hollow as the gurus, and the New Age memes on Facebook.

Now, between you and me,

you always and only see what you are…

meaning: like a midget, you can only see three inches above your eye level, not higher.

It’s true on every level, including mine. You can’t see, can’t recognize kindness if you only know pretense kindness yourself because that is in a perfect vibrational harmony with your consciousness.

Also, there is an important test you can perform: look if your public way of being is the source of your well-being, power, growth, thriving, joy, longevity, or not.

And be thorough: if you have hate, envy, pride, disgust, contempt towards anyone: those are indications of an area where you are not keeping up with your pretense…

Everyone deals with that, including me. It used to be everywhere, it is now hardly anywhere… meaning: it is still there towards certain people.

Being brutally honest with yourself is a good idea: it creates a good starting point for you to plant your feet and start growing.

When you pretend, you can’t grow.

So what is higher vibration?

You have a higher vibration when finally you have told the truth and started to climb up the Tree of Life… Conquering each branch through the opposites, for example: judgment to compassion…

I have noticed that judgment, at least when I find myself judgmental, disappears when I have enough information about what it is like to be the other person…

This happens every time I pull someone’s attachments, especially the dominant belief’s therefore and the anchor to doom… I often weep with the person… and have love in my heart.

Gurus/church say: love-love-love, but love is a transitive word. You love something or someone. There is no love without an object.

And there is no love without knowing the other person. Anyone who says different is a liar.

Without judgment there is no love. Love is overcoming the built in, innate aversion of anything unknown, anything different, anything challenging, anything not like you. Specifically, individually, each time, no exception.

If you say ‘Darn it, that’s work!‘ you are right. It is.

Also: coaching… Cheerleaders don’t help you win the game, being coaches do. The coaches that make you do things you don’t like to do, coaches that yell at you, coaches that punish you…

If you are not on my site for coaching, you should leave.

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

PS: Note: the ‘Raise Your Vibration’ teachers out there are teaching b.s.

They are teaching pretense. They don’t know about cause, effect, they don’t know s-h-i-t… I am not saying they are evil people… I can promise you one thing though: they are unhappy people pretending to be happy. Pitiful, if you ask me.

Do I sound unkind? Truth always does.

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