Water Energizer products: should you buy them from me?

energized beer-pitcherI have been getting requests for water energizer products. Pitchers, energizer inserts, gelpacks.

I’d rather that you use the Water Energizer audio to make your own energizer products.

How do you do it?

Anything that is put inside water that you are energizing with the Water Energizer audio will get energized with the water. You just need to leave it time, about an hour per gallon of water, including the stuff you put in the water.

Whether it is a small bottle of water, the water in the chamber of the Energized Water Pitcher, the Polar Energized Pitcher Insert, an ice pack… Your bear, your vegetables, fruits, meat, it really doesn’t matter.


Energized water pitcher to energize water

Water energizer insert for energized water pitcher

insert2 energized water pitcher energizes water

polar pitcher insert3These freshly energized items hold their energy for at least six months. So you don’t have to re-energize them for six months.

Use Entrainment to energize your water:

Then the water you put in the pitcher will be energized: it just takes longer than with the audio.
Or you can drop the small energized bottles into your bath water to energize it.
Or you can use the ice pack on yourself… hot, or cold, or room temperature, to energize sore parts of your body.

There is no need for me to buy those products, do what you now can do with the audio, and ship them to you… why pay shipping twice?

I created and sell the Energizer audio so I can do other things than slave away at packing and shipping packages… I can do it, but it turns my house a shipping office… Please, spare me that.

What else can you do with the Water Energizer Audio? You can blast it in a room to clear and energize its air. You can put it on yourself through headset… and calm down, be more coherent, and get energy for your brain and body.

Surely beats all other methods, including meditation.

Do Remedies act like Energized water: create more remedy by entrainment?

The infusable audios, HOE, Unconditional Love, Effortless Abundance, don’t entrain. The individual energies could… but these infusable audios have bundles of energy… and those don’t propagate through entrainment. So you have to use the audio.

But now that you are, hopefully, using the methods I describe above, you won’t mind infusing the infusable audios… 10-15 minutes all it takes.


PS: the pitcher and the insert are available on Amazon.com. Search for Polar Pitcher.

You can just put clean water in the chamber of the pitcher… you do not need the insert, unless you want to freeze it for cold beverages.

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