Truth repeated is a lie

stay-the-sameWhy can’t a doer teach what they do? Said in another way: if you do what another does: will you get the same result? And if you repeat the words of another’s credo, they are just words, and you are lying through your teeth.

Like causes cause like effects, is Nature’s base law.

But there must be something wrong if and when the answer to the question in the title happens to be “no” which is often the case.

Here is another related question: if someone with a vibration of 300, Like T. Harv Eker does something… why can’t you do the same thing and get the same result?

The answer, as usual, lies in the invisible, the hidden world that you so merrily skip looking for or looking at.

you are full of shit

same action same results. it's a law of nature

affirmations are full or shit

affirmation full of shitI have been repeating “context is decisive” forever, without every causing a ripple in your behavior or way of thinking. You are not getting it.

But I understand. When I first did a Landmark program, 30 years ago to the day, exactly, I had a streak for about a month when anything I touched turn into gold.

Of course, like you, I looked at the doing, even at the how I did what I did… but I stopped producing results, actually I was moving backwards.

The cause was hidden from my view. Two years later I got lucky and did the same course, and got a glimpse of what I missed: Who I was changed in that course. How I viewed myself, how I viewed the events in my past changed. For a while, at least. As long as I authentically looked at things that way.

How you look at things is called attitude. It is also called context… And context is decisive

But while I was looking differently, my results were dramatically different.

Everyone has a base line attitude, I call it default. Just like in physics, Newton’s law: without something effecting it, things will always move in a predictable direction, including the attitude.

People instinctively know this, this is why memes, quotes are so popular.

There is only one big problem is: Truth repeated is a lie… and repeating someone else’s truth won’t become your truth, and therefore it becomes a pretense.

They say fake it till you make it, and it is a disservice: you will not make it, you’ll be just a miserable pretending person.

The way to alter your attitude is a process, not an event. And it’s not easy: you will have to rebuild your own trust in your own self… and you have lost that long time ago.

So we could say it’s a long process, but it’s worth it.

If you don’t start today, ten years from now you’ll be at the same place where you are now… covering up the emptiness… What a waste.

A student of mine recently asked how to become confident. That can also be a question to “how do you start trusting yourself?”

The process is the same. You start acting in a way that builds trust.

Reminds me of the process how to build a credit line… how to get from nothing to having any bank lend you money… It’s a process. You borrow, and you pay it back. Then you borrow again and you pay it back again. Early, even.

Eventually you’ll have built enough trust so you can ask for near anything.

That is the same exact process as building trust, or building confidence.

Once you trust yourself, you can create any attitude, and it will stick.

Now, how can I help you? Because left to your own devices, you are lying cheating little creep… don’t be offended, you knew that!

You need support. Frequent ruthless compassion.

That is what I offer in my Reclaim program. It’s not a group thing: it is individual. It is not me talking, it is you writing, and me giving you little nudges. That is how it works. Brilliantly.

It is what was missing in Landmark… It is what akes the difference between flash in the pan, campaigns and a life worth living.

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