Are you hoping for second chances? Life after death, heaven, reincarnation?

lonelinessDoes one size fit all… What is good for one will be good for you too?

Yesterday a reader asked what is the series I watched all day on my birthday.

The question indicates and unmasks a cultural phenomenon: thinking that what is good for one will be good for you… Nothing is further from the truth, and nothing is as debilitating and enslaving than thinking that.

I saw two movies a few years ago, both have a protagonist who dies but doesn’t know he died.

We see the world through is eyes… When it comes to the idea of life after death, the question is: what does this idea do to you and your life?

The idea of life after death is an invention that has caused a lot of misery. On one hand it is miserable to see that we weren’t important, needed, and life continues without us, and maybe our biggest contribution is removing ourselves. Not a pleasant thought… although it is true for many of us.

make-the-right-decisionsOn the other hand, it makes us lazy by suggesting that this is a dress rehearsal life… that there are second chances, that we can get away with not living fully now… maybe in the next life. 1

Movies about superhuman abilities, extraterrestrials, spirits, souls, gods, witches, ghosts are very popular because they tap into the human psyche that instead of understanding how the world works, is looking for woowoo answers, where you don’t have to be responsible for your actions.

Looking to others for the truth, looking to others for answers, is the fundamental cause of your misery.

It comes from not wanting to be responsible for your results… but if responsibility is your access to your power, than not wanting to be responsible is giving away your power… i.e. allowing yourself to be a powerless wretch… a serf, a slave, a thing.

7deeea21fdef8a474be925cc7930955aBut your choices can be poor choices… you can cause pain, loss, illness, bad times with your poor choices…

Hell yeah, you are absolutely right.

So given that we live in a society and culture where “they” are doing the thinking for you 2

So given that you can’t think, given that you never learned to reason, given that you don’t know what’s good for you… what should you do?

Truth be told, most things that you need to decide, are impossible to reason out. You could look at other people’s opinion (testimonials) but most of the time those will mislead you. You could look at other people’s recommendation… but if that were “kosher”, then cults would be empty, wouldn’t they?

I am going to teach you how I make decisions, but to be able to benefit from it, I need to teach you the attitude that makes it work as well.

My base attitude is responsibility


I am responsible for my actions, every step of the way. I am also responsible for my attitudes. My thoughts and my emotions are out of my control… but my relationship to them is: I can handle anything that comes my way.Responsibility is not an event. It is a continuous, moment to moment decision to life.Your ability to be responsible is inside your attitude to life, your commitments

Commit to your commitments

  1. My number one commitment is to my well being. I won’t do anything that threatens my well being on the long term. I do take calculated risks, like removing attachments from people who haplessly got infected with a self-replicating attachment. I can handle it… although it takes time and energy. On the other hand, I won’t spend time being connected to someone whose energy I hate… no thank you.

    Competing and tied to this first spot is my commitment to integrity. I won’t do anything that is outside of integrity… in all sense of the word. I won’t cheat, I won’t lie, I won’t steal. And I won’t sell out. Why? Is it morality that drives this commitment? No. It is the fact that without integrity nothing works. And I won’t drill a hole in the bottom of my boat… and sink it… No, thank you.

    My number two commitment is to my growth, to my personal growth.
    My number three commitment is to be provided for by my work… money.

    You know what is important to you: what you are committed to is your personal choice.

  2. And another ingredient is this: No matter what happens, I can handle it. I can be well with it. I can stay aware and make my next steps to make corrections, if my original choice was off… Without this attitude you will NOT make choices of your own… and will remain a serf.
  3. OK, now… the third part: Getting answers from your higher self. The easiest to learn is muscle testing. When a question has a yes answer, your muscles stay strong. When the answer is no, the muscle goes weak. And when it goes a little bit weak, then you asked the wrong question… or it is imprecise…

I place my whole life inside my commitments. Outside of my commitments, I may have preferences, but no other commitments. I have a preference to be slim… but no commitment. I have a preference to be well thought of… but no commitment. I have a preference to be comfortable… but no commitment.

don't_let_other-89365Getting answers through Muscle testing yourself

I taught a whole muscle testing course a few years ago. Don’t buy it unless you are willing to do the work, the foundational work, get what you are committed to, commit to the attitude I suggest in point two above.

And… very important, when you get your answer, do it. Without integrity nothing works!

Your consciousness needs to trust you… and so far you’ve been chicken shit… haven’t you? Or fickle, untrustworthy.

I have daily conversations with my consciousness to maintain our relationship, to commit and re-commit…

If you consistently overrule what consciousness tells you through muscle test, then please stop muscle testing… and just remain a serf, a puppet on a string… You are better off that way.

PS: Your personal answers, in the area of
profession or occupation
are your personal decisions.

PPS: the muscle testing method David Hawkins teaches is flawed. It is flawed because two consciousness is involved, two egos, and therefore the answer can’t be trusted. I have tested… and the results of the two-people muscle testing are as reliable as flipping a coin.

PPPS: When you read my vibrational reviews of courses, teachers, gurus… how do you choose? Most of you want a very high vibration person… but your vibration is low. Someone with really high vibration cannot really compatible with you. I cannot teach you how to go from a vibration number 70 to 200! I may have tools, but I can’t really relate to you… therefore I cannot help you. Not at 70… not even at 100. Sorry. Pick a teacher whose vibration is closer to yours.


  1. Many westerners are attracted to the religions and beliefs of India… My recommendation is that you consider that people’s level of happiness, people’s standard of living, people’s attitudes are very consistent with their basic beliefs, and it is hard to find a society with more corruption, poorer, and miserable… So embrace it, live in rags, in dirt, without clean water… that is the result of that belief system… no kidding. No hate mail please?! Thank you
  2. just look at the warnings printed on plastic bags or the pull string of window shades, the rear view mirror of most cars… we are treated as we are… morons! Unable to take responsibility, unable to think through our actions… What do you think, is that accidental?! Think again!

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