Reality? collective hunch at best. Choose your delusion

Reality? collective hunch at best. Choose your delusion wisely

What does this mean for you? That you always live in an illusion, or delusion: you live in your own interpretation of what reality is… and your actions will be consistent with that delusional reality.

I am an atheist. I am spiritual, but there is no god, no spirit, no angels, no devils in my world view… I do believe that there are bad people…

If you believe that there is a god, and that god loves you, then, please be my guest, live consistent with that.

On the other hand if you believe that there is a god, the god of the Bible, vengeful, murderous, intolerant, punishing god, you may want to rethink what delusion would allow you to be happy.

dawkins-quoteIf you believe that unless people think well of you you can’t be well, you may want to change who you want to please… because people cannot be pleased because it is all about them, and it is a dog eat dog world, no matter how pious people sound in certain parts of the world.

tumblr_mo7ymjHu8v1s9v5qzo1_500If you believe that people who talk about love are good people…

…that they know what love is, you live in a delusion that can only make you miserable. If I were you I’d change my delusion in a hurry… after all who wants to be miserable, right?


0389fe40dd4a9be50d378aafb3c64786Superstition is when you believe your delusion as reality, as the truth.

Religion is a superstition. Unless you know that the delusion you live by was chosen by you, but it’s a delusion, given that we don’t know what reality is, remember: “Reality: collective hunch at best!” everything you think as truth can only be truth by accident… no one person, no group, not the collective humanity has access to the truth, because it is so big.

IMG_0124The interpretation of reality, the delusion I teach is simple.

I know it is a delusion, so I am not superstitious… but you may take it like the truth and if you do, then you are superstitious.

There are interpretations that empower you, and interpretations that enslave you.

I prefer empowering interpretations, and the delusion I teach is empowering, and gives you access to your personal evolution, where you feel your power, exercise your power, and have a meaningful life while you live.

the-word-god-is-for-me-nothing-more-than-the-expression-and-product-of-human-weakness-albert-einstein-religion-quoteI have picked the empowering bits from many systems…

while each whole system proved to be disempowering me: it was about itself, not about empowering me. It was about the owners of it and their enrichment of themselves, not about enriching me and my life.

I have picked bits from Kabbalah, from Landmark Education, from Osho, and I have invented some bits myself during my journey from a miserable wretch to calm, collected, expanded person.

I observed, on myself and on my clients, what empowers, what doesn’t. What is accessible and what isn’t. What turns the power over to me, and what is giving only the results, but none of the power.

My whole system is based on acknowledging that it is not the truth but it is something that works.

A system that empowers the user to be the best version of themselves, to take risks, to expand, to move towards fulfillment.

Do I live a fulfilled life? I have no idea, fulfillment is not a distinction I have explored. But I do what I love to do, I feel myself moving in the right direction, I am winning at life… but fulfillment? I don’t know what that feels like.

From time to time I stop to marvel at the results I have produced in my life, and it fills me with some nice feeling… maybe that is fulfillment? Who knows, who cares? lol.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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