Money: how to make more of it, how to keep more of it… a series. Part 1.

money is tightMoney is tight, and has been for the past six weeks. Why? I don’t know.

As my habit, if I don’t know something… I start experimenting, examining different avenues that promise to get one to a desired outcome… in this case a steady income.

I am going to adhere to certain rules

Rule #1: the goals need to be realistic: i.e. based in reality, not a pipe-dream. This means, taking into consideration all and all sorts of limitations… instead of what YOU normally do, ignore them.
Rule #2: I will keep in mind short term and long term goals, at the same time. Ignoring this rule is detrimental to your life, not just to your success.

I will examine all teachings, some I will test, some I will meditate over.

I’ll start with what I have already tested, if you don’t mind.

Money is tight around here

Greasing the chute… i.e. making money move.

Now, it may feel like you are already doing it, after all it cost money to live. But it is all about you… even your charity is about you.

That type of action does not create the desired effect. Why? because in the bottomless pit of your greed any and all energies die… it’s like a black hole.

Whether your greed is for money, for love, for being well thought of, for notoriety, or for feeling good about yourself, the common element is greed.

The purpose you need to have when you “grease the chute” is to move money. To circulate money. To give it a push. Not for any other reason that moving is the nature of money, and you are helping it, giving it a little nudge…

Make sure you have no other agenda. No secret desire, no secret agenda.

To make sure that you don’t, make a list of all the agendas you can think of that you have, that you may have, that you might have. And own them as your agendas, and then give from the empty space.

I have experimented with this for years, and it is actually easy, if you are willing to own the possible agendas… and leave them for a moment. Allow them… do not resist.

Will this make money for you?

I have no idea. I know one thing: if you have instruments to make money: value propositions, skills to trade, time, etc. then it has an easier time to work.

Now… sometimes you can cause energy to move by giving away your time that is worth money. I did that this morning, I worked for free for a guy, work worth $100 or so, and the result is this whole idea of exploring what makes money move, what makes money come to me or avoid you.

I have been kind of running dry… and I am now invigorated. I feel a whole new purpose, a whole new aliveness, a reason to choose work instead of watching movies… lol.

After all I earn my living with work… so it will pay off. Fast or slow? I don’t know. But I am sure that it will.

Will it be work? Of course. Will it be easy? I don’t suppose so… I have never been very money minded… so it will probably be a challenge. But like I ask my students, I can only grow if I enlarge the “dancing floor” on which I dance.

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