More Money Course: Part 5 change, growth need to start below the surface

attend to the roots for growth and changeAs you see, every project for change, for growth needs to start below the surface. With the roots.

Why? Because unless you attend to the invisible, the visible can only change temporarily, and then, by law, it will go back to how it was.

It’s a worldwide epidemic to expect results inconsistent with the quality of the roots. A rotted root system cannot bear a healthy tree, whether it is a body, a relationship, a society, a business… it just can’t, but more important than that: it won’t. It is true everywhere. It is nature’s law.

Example: if you want your apple tree bear cherries in May, you can pin cherries up the branches, but regardless, in late August, the apple tree will have apples on it… It is an apple tree after all.

If your root level is “I need…” or “I want…” or “I deserve…” or “I hope, I wish for a miracle…” then your fruits will be consistent with the roots: will produce more of the same.

Examples from two people I know intimately:

shallow roots unstable tree

  • The first gentleman is a photographer. His relationship to money is “I want you to get excited about what I am doing and pay me”. Then he promises big, and works hard on finding excuses why not to deliver. He isn’t interested in what people want for their money, he lives from sucker to sucker to sucker, always arguing, always leaving death and destruction in his wake.

    I have known this person for 23 years no. He has never been happy, he has never been fulfilled, and he never ever had money.

    The poisonous, rotted roots don’t create a tree that bears sweet juicy fruit.

    His soul correction is “Finish What You Start”, the archetype of the liar, the archetype of the salesman that promises much and delivers little.

  • The second person I have known for 8 years now. He is a book distributor, serves a bunch of schools in the South.When we started to talk, he had 2-3 drivers do most of the work, but it’s gotten worse, not independently from his “efforts” to make money.

    Every business venture he has tried, since I’ve known him, was based on two principles: 1. It had to be a millionaire maker 2. It had to be a win-lose proposition, i.e. his success was predicated on another’s misery.

    The underlying root belief is that there is a fixed amount of money to go around, and somebody must lose it for you to have it.

    root-rotHis soul correction is “Removing Hatred.”

    This soul correction is the archetype of “either you or me”.

    All his ventures have failed, and he is now in debt, and can’t afford to pay for help in the delivery business, working 14 hours a day, instead of being able to retire, or at least work from home.

  • The third person is similar in that all his efforts haven’t grown cherries on his apple tree. His soul correction is “Sharing the light”. This soul correction is the archetype of the stingy and delusional.He alternates between the extremes of feeling very smart and feeling very inadequate. He alternates between working his ass off, and not wanting to work at all. He alternates between promising something that he can’t deliver on, and hoping he won’t get found out.

    As it is predictable, financial success eludes him.

Now what? Are you stuck with your puny roots, rotted roots? Not necessarily


Blackberry-Roots_LGNow, after reading these three examples, let’s see what they can do to work with what they have, create an honest match between the roots and the expectations, so they can have financial success.

And, of course, we are back where we started: they need to do a truthful inventory.

So next we’ll start working on the inventory: revealing the root system that gives you your life.

You can see that unless you work with what you have, from where you are at, you need to hope for a miracle…

The “gurus” prey on you because that is what you do. People who work with what they have don’t spend their money and time on gurus, hoping, praying for a miracle, mind movies, vision boards, and energetic voodoo to remove your blockages to having money.

You have blockages to confront the truth about yourself… that is where you have blockages.

And that is what the soul correction work is: your work to raise your vibration, to climb the tree of life.

Money is just a symptom.

PS: I have success stories too. This is the kind of work we do in coaching: changing the roots, so you can have a different life, more money more joy, more satisfaction.

The newest platform, the Reclaim produces predictable results, if you are willing to do the work.

PPS: When I pull your energetic attachments, you still have to do the work… I know it is bad news. After all all you want is have someone bestow wealth and happiness on you, right?

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