The path to growth, spiritually, vibrationally, financially, emotionally

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i-can-do-it-babyNobody likes to be wrong. Nobody likes to strike out.

But real world examples show that winners are wrong a lot, and winners, champions, strike out a lot.

One of my spiritual practices is to strengthen my invented self: “I am someone who can.”

My soul correction is that I know everything… what that covers up is that I believe I can’t…

So the other spiritual practice is to strengthen my invented self: “I don’t know.”

Of course, when you don’t know, the MIND thinks that you also can’t. The other jump the mind makes is that when you make a mistake, when you make a wrong turn, when you strike out, then it means that you can’t…

For my soul correction everything wants to mean: I can’t.

Now, the only way to strengthen and build “I am someone who can” is by challenging myself. Make myself do things that I have difficulty doing. Like walking. Like installing stuff that I can’t even imagine how it works. Like talking to people I don’t know. Like doing nearly everything I do on this site… because, truth be told, I don’t know… I don’t know what, I don’t know how…

Confidence is not being sure you can, confidence is being sure that you can handle it… whether you succeed or not.

I can handle disappointment. I can handle pain. I can handle eating only what’s good for me, but I can handle eating something that isn’t, and forgive myself. I can handle anger, sadness, regret, I can handle it. I am someone who can, no matter what happens to me or around me.

The mind, the ego screams: I can’t handle it! It would be better to die… But I am not my mind, I am not my ego. I am me, and who I honor myself as is someone who can. Who can deal. Not someone who likes it… no. Someone who can deal. Big difference.

Most of the things I need to deal with, I don’t like. I actually really don’t like them… But I can deal with them. And I do, with the occasional losing my temper…  Of course I am using all my energy remedies,  and activators every day, all day… without them it would be a rocky road.

I am unchanged by the circumstances. I am is a beingness, solid, continuous, not an effect.

Every time I need to connect to someone, I have to go through the eye of the needle. Because maybe I can’t… and it does happen from time to time. Today I had to let a person know that I can’t connect to him: he doesn’t seem to exist. Maybe he is off the grid, maybe he is invented… I refunded their money.

The latest strike out I had is writing the series on Money… Unbelievable. The idea that you need to do work for your money is so unattractive to people, that I think I lost half of my readership in two weeks.

I am contemplating abandoning making my living by using my real skills altogether: if there are not enough paying customers, then it is not a good area to choose for making a living.

I have skills that can be useful in making money other ways… I was just cherishing the opportunity to do what I’d do without pay, and get paid for it… but it seems that I WAS paid for it, and not any more.

Or maybe I was paid for what you thought I was doing, and not what I actually did? I’ll need to do more digging, talking to more people.

One think is certain: I won’t join the crowd of opportunistic parasites that take advantage of your belief system that money, happiness, fulfillment will come to you just because you want it.

My horoscope today has thrown me to a loop: it says

It’s a favorable time to fantasize about how to suck more cash into your life. You have entered a phase when economic mojo is easier to conjure than usual. Are you ready to engage in some practical measures to take advantage of the cosmic trend? And by that I don’t mean playing the lottery or stealing strangers’ wallets or scanning the sidewalk for fallen money as you stroll. Get intensely real and serious about enhancing your financial fortunes. What are three specific ways you’re ignorant about getting and handling money? Educate yourself.

The sentence: “What are three specific ways you’re ignorant about getting and handling money?” is a good starting point: look where you are ignorant.

Ignorant doesn’t mean you don’t know… ignorant comes from “ignore” which is a willful act of not considering, not looking.

So what have I been ignoring in the area of money, that I could stop ignoring, right now, and “suck” more cash into my life? Great question, isn’t it?

The first thing that came to mind is the 100 websites I have been carrying for years. They do nothing for me, they cost me money and work.

Maybe I could sell off a few each month and pay my rent with it?

Most of what you want is right there, but the questions you’ve been asking are the same, allowing you to IGNORE the same things, and stay put, financially, emotionally, spiritually.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “The path to growth, spiritually, vibrationally, financially, emotionally”

  1. Really enjoyed this article Sophie.
    Thank you.
    Being able to handle it, while not exactly Liking it, is a big theme in our house right now. Teaching my son that this is OK- and learning myself too!
    The unconditional Love Remedy is making this gentler and much more kind. Thank you!!!

  2. First off: congratulations. It is the best skill to teach to a kid, and an even better skill to learn. And yes, the Unconditional Love Remedy, that makes the Self undivided, is what is at the root of being able to stay the same, even though the circumstances, including pain, dislike, discomfort, are happening.

  3. Thank you for seeing it, Tammy.

    I used to have a complaint, in fact the complaint of my life. It was that my life was a roller coaster. With a self that depends on the circumstances, life is a roller coaster, and the only way to smooth it out is to shrink. Shrink and shrink some more.
    when the self becomes independent from the circumstances, caused by the Unconditional Love Activator, slowly but surely, you become independent, and the eye of the storm. You don’t change with the circumstances. It is the real heaven on earth, if you ask me… Thank you for using my products so creatively. xoxo

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