Review of Gary Douglas and Access Consciousness… Scam? cult?

access consciousness barsThere are things worse than being scammed.

Being scammed leaves you with less money, with less time, but what is worse than that is if you participate with Access Consciousness

You’ll be left with an energetic attachment, like a spigot, through which you can be mind-controlled, and made to dance to this cult’s rhythm.

I discovered it by accident. As you know, one of the special services I offer is removing energetic attachments.

Each attachment belongs to some type of attachment, like a weed can be recognized.

Most attachments are relatively benign, just like a chink in your armor, or a hole in your energy body, but some attachments are self-replicating, and infectious.

I first met an infectious attachment three years ago, it was placed by Mr.T, whose name is in itself an energy signal to receive an attachment. I haven’t said the name, haven’t written the name, and am unwilling to listen to the name. Thinking it is harmless.

Then came this summer, with its several infectious attachments, including the one placed by Access Consciousness.

Nasty, but I have developed a method of grabbing the two-headed attachment on the client and on my own head, and pulling them at the same time. That saves a lot of time, so I am more willing to do the work now, than in the beginning, when it was a going back and forth event… nasty.

Now, the question could naturally arise: why does a teacher, a guru, a cult mark and weaken their quarry?

I think it is the basest of all human qualities, wanting to reduce another to a thing, to property, to a slave. And that is what I think these gurus and cults are doing.

Through the attachments they can influence the “members” and weaken them, suggesting that any attempts to flee the coop is suicide.

If the flight succeeds, through the attachment they can effectively make the ex-member sick, listless, and miserable.

Can they literally kill a person with an attachment? I don’t think so. I don’t think the energies are strong enough. But to make someone hurt, or miserable? Absolutely.

Now, let me say a few words about cults… my own experience.

I was participating with Landmark Education for 25 or 26 years, the same company that used to be called est. A lot of outsiders viewed Landmark as a cult, but it isn’t. A cult takes ownership of your life, and makes it very costly to leave it. It encourages you to separate from your family, and give your money and property to the cult. Nothing like that in Landmark, not in the least.

I am no “doing” Landmark any more, because I don’t find it useful for me any more.

On the other hand the Mormon Church, The Church of Scientology, and maybe Access Consciousness are cults. If you are in Access Consciousness, I’d appreciate some feedback, the people I have treated were only loosely associated with Access Consciousness, they got some healing with the Bars, whatever they are… and they started to get weak, irritable, and miserable, only a few weeks after they started with that.

Somehow you can give bars to your family and friends, and spread the attachments… vicious… spreading it like a germ warfare.

At this point I am a little scared, and weary of learning more about Access Consciousness. So, in a worldly way, I am ignorant of what they do, what they promise, why anyone would get entangled with them.

I can look at what they do energetically. As en empath I can connect to it, measure its vibration, its truth value, and just remove the darn attachment…

Truth value: 3%
Vibration: 200

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

13 thoughts on “Review of Gary Douglas and Access Consciousness… Scam? cult?”

  1. Access Consciousness = total farse.
    It is absolutely ridiculous and has no scientific foundation at all.
    I only did the entry level seminar… Utter waste of money and time.
    …Would be long to explain, but certainly showed elements of cult indoctrination, such as re-defining words, ritualism, using prayer-like – and supposedly magical – phrases…
    It’s a shame that, in apparent desperation to fill some kind of void, humans can be duped with scams such as this.
    Shame on those slightly brighter who take advantage of these poor dummies.
    …Mind you: I enjoyed your article thoroughly.

  2. I appreciate your first hand experience with them. I tend to agree with you. And in this two men’s case, I can see that they consciously exploit, not out of mere stupidity, like so many others.

    Thank you for your comment. All the way from Paraguay… welcome.

  3. Access consciousness is designed to get you hooked. After 3 years of being involved I don’t feel any different. The bars can be addicting but you feel miserable in between making you want more. I have aged more despite their claims of reverse aging.. Then why are Gary and Dain aging too. Not looking younger. They are interested in taking your money.. Promoting ruining your relationships to become more conscious.. Using the forces of nature (sex, money and power) for marketing..

  4. I have never heard their pitch, so I don’t know how and where they hook you, but I know that they must… because their whole “enterprise” is cultish. Cults hook you too…

    I am sorry about your experience.

  5. I looked into the bars.. I would love to help people.. I don’t know how yet. But in my quest for knowledge and to find what it is I wanted to do, I came across this practice and did some research. I read a
    What I found really put me off and to seal the deal was when a friend of mine who I felt was a psychopath, signed up and 3 days later was qulified.. never had a caring bone in her body and wanted to teach me.. that’s when I knew the agenda wasn’t for helping humanity.

  6. I find it interesting to mingle a religious institution in the context of an editorial on access consciousness to be classified as a cult. Unless someone has participated first hand and was present during the discovery of such type of proposed enlightenment, one cannot place his/her opinions to judge the said discovery above that of the explorer.

    Could such judgments make one ignorant to his/her own potential of enlightenment?

  7. I have posted here before but here is my story again.

    I had my bars done at a Raw Food festival in 2009 in Southern Oregon for free and then I chose to attend many of the classes -spending around $10,000 to attend through level 3 and to be a Bars Facilitator and to start my own business. Around this time I was leaving an abusive relationship and instead of going to trauma therapy–I took this alternative path.

    I recruited and taught my sister and a few friends and as far as I can tell it did not help us.

    I never recouped my costs. It was not a viable business. Not for my friend who became a Bars Facilitator and rented out space in our hometown to give healing. Also not for me who moved to NYC only to find out the community here was non existent……

    If you want to have a bars experience just take a restorative yoga class.

    So now almost a decade later I am no longer interested in “having my own business” I am taking a computer class and seeking employment in the traditional sense. I also received healing in the form of traditional trauma therapy that was the key for me to heal: not these other types of groups.

    I also watched two Access ladies move on from the group: Rikka Zimmerman and Blossom. Why did they leave? I do not know. but they didn’t stay! Neither did I.

    I also remember the up selling in level 2/3 – I had paid 3,000 for a four day class and then people were asking me if I was going to buy the recording for a few hundred dollars and a healing from Dain Heer for 500 dollars and good for them for the up selling but jeeez.

    Now in the past decade after leaving yet another spiritual group I see how MLM’s and fringe spiritual groups can be tempting but in my experience……

    Keeping your feet planted in mainstream society and making it work here is ideal.

    I have a friend who did not get that far in into Access who still enjoys it. I believe most of these groups have a few good ideas but the higher up you go — the more time and money and you can expend with little return except for that feeling that you know something others don’t.

    My conclusion is for me is that it was a Wild Goose Chase and this experience taught me many things but mostly to avoid these types of things.

  8. I am going to look into it myself. I’m going in with an open mind. I have gone through programs which people have labeled “cults”. And yet these particular programs help me immeasurably change my beliefs and identities and Indoctrinations that were so limiting. I have become empowered and people around me called it a cult because I change so much and became so strong in myself. I was no longer a puppet with strings attached to me serving more purpose for them than for myself in the world. this “cult” that people condemned me for participating in never held me hostage. I was free to come and go. I participated when I wanted to and I left when I wanted to. The people who are ignorant labeled it a cult. I am in the healing arts. And I am a very sensitive energetic being. I will experience it for myself. And I will decide whether I feel it is legitimate or is A powerful healing modality.

  9. I took Access Consciousness up to Level 2 in Pasadena, CA. A Total waste of Time, Money, and Energy. My friend, Marietta, invited me to take the classes with her. It NEVER helped either of us one iota. It would be helpful next time to first check our inner feelings before joining these types of classes. I learned a lot from reading your posts. Thank you!

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