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What is your biggest issue or blockage that I can help you with?

I’d like to serve you better. I’d like to give you articles, webinars, products, services that meet your specific needs: as long as it is within integrity for me.

I want to make these webinar calls packed with information that goes two ways: from you to me, and from me to you.

I will use it to find out what it is you are struggling with, so I can create programs, energies, products, to help you in your struggles.

I learned a huge distinction earlier this week. It was new to me.

The difference between information and education.


I am finding out that what most people teach is information. And the distance between information and doing, having, and being is vast, for most of us it is unbridgable. Definitely true for me.

I have paid for many-many-many informational courses, to the tune of about 200 grand, that is $200,000. I did not do anything those courses taught… I am really bad, really weak, really pitiful translating information to action, to planning, to results. And I am finding out, I am still better than 99% of everyone. Why? Because I learn through teaching, and have attempted to explain, to teach those courses… and that is when I started to get a little bit of result here and there.

And then there are a few rare people who actually do engage in education. When you teach education, your results are the results of the people you teach.

The results can be in the dominion of being, doing, having, but it is obviously there, not as a flash in the pan, an accident, a good storm, but as something that is permanent.

The students in educational programs still have a choice to produce the results or not, but the distance between theory and practice is reduced to tiny and many steps, so more people actually get results.

My hunch is this: Results: information courses: less than 1%. Educational courses: 10%.

I have been struggling with putting in the small steps so more people can actually learn: very very difficult. But in some of my programs I have succeeded. The difference is the level of participation AND the amount of talking I do.

The more talking I do, the less the results are going to be.

My blog posts are mostly informational. Information is a dime a dozen, even good information. Education is rare.

With a blog post, I have no power to make you do anything… including sharing my post on social media, or commenting. You’ll do what you have always done, which is mostly NOT A THING.

My Playground program was the program I had the most hopes for, and it produced a 20% result… still pitiful, but twice as good as others’ courses, even people I adore and envy.

My Reclaim program is starting to produce 30-40% results, which is astounding.

I have made the Reclaim a program where what I say is limited, and what you say, what you do gets center stage, to prevent myself from teaching.

I love to talk. I love to write. I love to teach. But unless it turns into something that you’ll do, I am better off not doing it… or at least not charging for it.

I don’t want to be another person who fills your head with thoughts, ideas, information, that you never act on…

OK, here is the registration link again… I have scheduled 4 sessions, First session is October 7.

All are welcome. Have a microphone ready, if you want to talk. No need for a microphone if you are just listening.

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