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Unless it’s your job to give advice, don’t.

Why? Because giving advice comes from your shadow side, from your dark side.

How? When you give advice, you place yourself above the other person. Giving advice is asserting your superiority.

Have you noticed that you can get fired for that? Even if your advice is right on the spot…

By the way: this is true for healers, coaches, salespeople, helpers, charity volunteers, parents, relatives, everyone.


Did you notice that the world if full of “healers” and “life coaches” and everyone wants to tell you how to live your life?

Being superior, asserting your superiority is the basest of all human desires, and it keeps you at really low vibration.

It feels as if it finally put you where you belong: above… that it will help alleviate 1 your bad feelings about yourself… but it works exactly the opposite way, because it is a base desire. Base as in low, evil.

It is also the fastest way to get thrown out of my programs.

Yesterday’s article about getting out of depression, brought one student to advise me.


Dear Sophie,

I’m sorry that you’re feeling so low right now. I always find it surprising when you talk about these periods that you go through from time to time. I am sending you my love and wishing you a swift passage through this dark time.

My advice? Just coast. Take your foot off the gas, but keep your foot off the brakes. The momentum of your life and purpose will carry you through. Don’t make any major decisions. Don’t buy anything down there…just do some window shopping, until you pass out of the tunnel and back into the light of day.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us as it is happening.

I’ll see you on the other side.

It brings us to a second aspect of “advising”.

Comparing others with yourself, the evil eye.

Low vibration humans use comparison a lot. They compare themselves to others. When they seem less than the other, they envy, or despair.

When they see the other lower… they rejoice.


Now, you have probably been trying not to be judgmental, but it didn’t work. It seems hard wired in you. And it is… it is hard wired on a low vibration.

And it makes you feel bad about yourself, doesn’t it?

So, what energetic support can I give you? Given that where you are at, you can’t do it with sheer will alone…

avatars-in-stateI recommend any one of the Avatar State Audios. Especially the Forget Thyself one… But really any one of them will lift you up from the base desire judgment comes from.

Pick something that attacks more than one issue, if you can. Or focus on this one. Both approaches bring big dividents.

And, just that you know. All Avatar State Audios, including The Harmonizer, are effective even above 900 vibration… Why? Because they are the energy of All-of-it… you harmonize yourself to All-of-it.
PS: Last thing: helping, advising, coaching are strategies to avoid one’s own work, one’s own growth, one’s own responsibility for their own life. If you are a helper, adviser, I already know that your vibration is low, and you are unwilling to grow. Snap out of it… put your energies where it matters. In your own growth. The Harmonizer will help… It takes courage to grow, it takes energy to grow. It takes power to grow.

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  1. make (suffering, deficiency, or a problem) less severe

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