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body-typesFor those of you who came here just for the numbers: the guy is guided by greed. Dr Eric Berg’s personal vibration is 170, the same as Tai Lopez, cut from the same cloth… and the method depends a lot on your accuracy, as you’ll see. But it is 7% at its best.

I wrote this article when I was 33 pounds heavier, and a lot less happy with my life.

I have, since, advised many clients who, except for two, did really well on my recommendations.

The two made up their own loose interpretation of what I meant, and never actually did what I asked them to do.

Now, I don’t actually care about your weight. I really think you should not either. You should care whether you are well or not. When people get well, they drop all the weight. I have a simple muscle test I do (don’t forget I am an empath and I am connected to Source when I muscle test… so there is a difference between muscle test and muscle test… your garden-variety nutritionist is inaccurate…) Want to know your health number? It is a percentage… 1-100. You can get it for five bucks…

I had an interesting experience, very much in line with the Humility process I teach:

A client of mine wrote to me today recommending I check out a weight loss doctor. I did.

I went through an online self-evaluation which took me to a page where I could order my personalized regimen to lose the weight I carry on my belly…

I kept on bringing an open mind, curiosity… and finally ended up with what I could have started: I know nothing about weight loss… and I am not qualified to help people with their weight. Hm…

But I could learn, if that were my goal.

I muscle tested this guy, Dr. Eric Berg and his theory of weight management.

His personal vibration is 170. His most noticeable emotion is greed (throat).

Now, the truth value of his theory: it is hormonal in its core: 90% your weight/body issue.
His method/his supplements/his recommendations: 10%

Why is the theory correct but the method isn’t? Because his supplementation doesn’t actually correct the hormonal issues too well… muscle test that lifestyle and inner changes are needed to bring the effectiveness to a respectable level.

dr berg adrenal typeIn my case, I am the Thyroid type 1 I have conquered and overcame 90% of the typical symptoms an Thyroid type person has… but the category is correct: I used to have 90% of the symptoms of the Adrenal type and all the Thyroid ones… but not the shape… I have thin legs, thin thighs… A typical Adrenal, but I am a Thyroid… hm. Something to think about.

The changes came with the inner changes.

And yet, my body type is still the same, and when I put on weight, it has a predictable location and shape of flab.

Now, why am I sharing this?

Because you hope that if your weight changes, you’ll be happier

Because you cannot expect weight loss to alter your life if you haven’t changed inside. I won’t talk about habits… habits change when you have changed inside.

You cannot change outer habits and change inside. Change doesn’t work that way.

You are a fat s.o.b.? Or a fat slob. Or a fat scholar. Or a fat amazing person. Lose weight and you’ll be a thin s.o.b.! or wretch, or victim, or hater, or whatever you are now. Or a thin amazing person.

But you can become a happy, balanced, thriving, purposeful fat person… and then the weight can melt or not, you decide. More often than not, the fat effortlessly melts.

And conversely, if you are a thin person, but it takes all you got to stay thin: you eat like a wretch… You are not healthy, you are not thin as a sign of health: you are emaciated. Because you are the same inside… poverty, dullness, hooked on one idea… You are probably the same with your money, with your love. You are unhappy and you earned it.

dr-eric-bergLet me share my experience with the client who wrote to me: When she first contacted me, I felt density there. Her vibration was 100 and she had nine attachments, one of them the Access Consciousness Bars type: it jumped on me… infectious.

I told her to pay for nine sessions, but she paid only for one. I removed the infectious Access Consciousness Bars type attachment only, and her vibration jumped to 170 and has stayed there.

And she changed, in my experience. Not immediately, in about 10 days. I felt a bubbling there… less density, and a coming alive… passion or a desire for passion starting to animate her.

It’s been almost a month… her email is suggesting a joint venture… marketing and selling something that she totally believes in, with some connection to this wight loss doctor…

Amazing inner change. Coming alive. The weight: who cares? lol

Now… let me get back to Dr. Eric Berg: I just watched five short videos and half of a 2-hour long webinar.

Even though his truth value is only 10%, it is 10 times higher than the information you are now using to be well, to be fit, to become thin.

The untruth is hidden in the depths… because it is part of the unknowable… but the information he gives, even thought the reasoning might not be accurate, works and is so different from what you’ve been told, that you’ll get dizzy.

Examples: you are told you need to alkalize your body… truth: your blood and your whole body needs to be acidic… and it isn’t.

Truth: Your stomach doesn’t have strong enough acid to digest the food you eat, so you get more and more toxic, your nutrients, minerals don’t become useful, your calcium sits in your soft tissues causing pain, inflammation, rigidity. Check tartar deposits on your teeth: you find them? your calcium also sits in your muscles, kidney, liver, eyes, brain… causing horrible damage.

Truth: we are not meant to eat sugar. Sugar is a new thing, especially compared to the amount of time we didn’t have sugar.

If you want to return to fat burning, you need to eliminate all sugar and all food that becomes sugar in your body… hidden sugars in your milk, your processed food, your cream cheese, your plain yoghurt, etc.

Modified corn starch: sugar. Bread: sugar. Any bread, any grain. Fruits: sugar. Sweet vegetables? sugar. veggie burger: sugar. veggie bacon: sugar.

Truth: if you attempt to keep a sugar free diet… and make a mistake… the sugar’s metabolic effects won’t go away for 72 hours. I used to eat something sweet on Tuesdays, and feel the effects of the sugar (10-15 grams, less than what’s in half a glass of orange juice.)

It takes about three weeks to get rid of sugar cravings. But even after the cravings are gone, the bugs in your gut haven’t changed… and unless they do, you are still an addict.

And just to make sure you understand: 99% of all your problems, health, emotional, mental problems come from sugar, gluten, and processed foods. Too far out? OK… stay sick, anxious, sleepless, and stupid. Your choice.

Ok, I am adding here two of his videos: even if you are not fat, you are better off watching them. Need to download them? I’ll find a way to get you a download link. 2




Dr Eric Berg lose weight Dr Eric Berg Ketosis. When you make your diet reflect your biggest diet mistake, obviously you’ll lose weight. There are a lot more to it than what Dr. Eric Berg says or even knows, but for a certain percentage of the people who follow his diet lose weight. How many percent? 7%.
dr Eric BergOne size doesn’t fit most, but of course that is what makes the most money… 🙁
Adrenal body type I tried the Adrenal body type diet and it was really bad. Then I tried the Thyroid diet… and that didn’t work either. Until I muscle tested every single thing about eating for myself, I remained fat. Now, 35 pounds lighter, I swear by my more detailed, more personalized method.

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  1. …as it turns out. When I wrote this article, I thought it was Adrenal… and I was wrong. And you may be wrong… and then you’ll do the wrong thing. I did not follow anything he says: I changed my diet, according to the same principles and methods I use with my clients: test every known essential nutrient if they need it, and test a list of 450 foods if they are compatible. The result: it turns out that I was the “Thyroid” all along… and the moment I don’t pay attention to that, my weight jumps 2-3 pounds overnight
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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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1 thought on “Dr Eric Berg… vibrational review”

  1. Sophie here… followup: you may ask the question: why is the vibration of this guy so low?
    Great question, and I have at least some pointers for you:

    1. His anxiety/fear is almost unbearable. I can’t feel myself, and I am jumping out of my skin. Now, why would he be afraid? Right?

    Well, for one, he KNOWS that he doesn’t see the whole picture, or at least suspects it. What he is teaching is Tree of Knowledge, and on some level he knows it. Perfect setup for anxiety and fear.

    He is afraid of you, of you not believing him. He is afraid of authorities (medicine is highly oppressive, so there is justifiable fear there!)

    2. He isn’t as well as he claims… just look at his eyes
    3. He doesn’t connect to himself, the self and the Self are not in touch: no connection. Mirror exercise?
    4. He almost completely ignores the spiritual side of things, etc.

    That makes him a low vibration, quite miserable person. Oh well…

    You have the benefit of using his advice and working on climbing the Tree of Life with me… the best of both worlds.

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