I have been working on starting to lead courses again.

course-1I’ve taken a break, recharged my batteries, and I am ready…

The first step I needed to do is to look at the courses I have already lead, to get a sense that in fact I CAN lead effective courses…

I listened into a whole lot of the recorded sessions. I learned that I have fun leading (I laugh a lot), that the material is amazing, and that the students love participating.

I have decided on doing the second phase activators course… this time with the new energies that eliminate the need for you to be connected while I download the activators… A good 20 minutes each hour was spent on making sure you are connected when I last lead that course.

That is a lot of time, wasted… thank god for the new technology, right?

leading others to success

one day


birds flying

allow the spirit to fly
I am also intending to create separate audios for the individual activators, and for the bundles that make sense…

All the more than 100 activators of that course are included in the Effortless Abundance Activator… but, of course, like with everything, unless you change consciously, what you see won’t change… and alas, your actions come from what you see… so what you see needs to change.

The second phase activator course does that job masterfully.

Would I recommend that course to everyone who is willing to get on a webinar with me for four months, every Wednesday? or maybe Sunday…

No way. Like with everything, the activators are the hidden switches that unless you know you have it, you won’t benefit from it.

It’s like a piece of software, like Microsoft Word… unless you use it beyond the rudimentary, using it as a notepad, its countless features are not needed to you, and won’t use them.

The way I create need in the course is with 1. homework, 2. poking YOUR box… which sometimes sounds like I am nasty with you.

What got you there is what you have been doing, what you have been experiencing… and if you want to go beyond, you need to do more, see more, experience more, directly.

No pain: no need for an activator.

No goals, no aspirations? No need for an activator.

And definitely no need for 100 activators.

You will not just not use them, you’ll block them, you’ll resist them, you’ll refuse them.

Therefore before I allow anyone to pay for the course, I’ll need everyone to come to a webinar where I’ll do sample downloads of activators, and watch the individual’ response to it.

It is not a conscious thing to resist. Consciously you may want it, bring it on! But on the level that is below your conscious control, you may prefer to stay the same… even if the same means remaining miserable.

I will not say publicly who can sign up and who can’t… I’ll email you privately.

In the meantime I am looking for a good sample webinar to post so people can have an experience with what it’s like to be on an energy download with me…

The old course, 100 activators, 90+ videos is available for purchase. I only recommend it to people who are confident that they can connect, or learn to connect to Source.

This is just to let you know what the heck I am busy with that there are suddenly no articles…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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16 thoughts on “I have been working on starting to lead courses again.”

  1. This is going to be great!! . . . except for the “poking YOUR box” part – I don’t like that part – makes me feel squashed and invalidated. But to be able to consciously get the second phase activators without having to connect is worth going through most anything. Please count me in for the “sample downloads” webinar. (And if I qualify for the course, I vote for Sundays so it’s not during work hours.)

  2. we shall see… anyone who doesn’t like to be poked may be resistant to downloads… so you may want to do some work on what you see as the path to growth… it is never though comfort, no many how many energies one showers on you.

    Maybe you should consider the recorded course… I plan to have people in the live course, people who are willing to do the work, and I also will accept people who will have access to the recordings only, people who don’t want to do the work…

    Unless, of course, you change what you see as something to love, cherish, and await lovingly: to poking.

  3. I definitely hope I’m not resistant to the downloads. And I would love to get to where I see the poking as something to love, cherish and await lovingly instead of hating. That would be a huge help because right now I’m running away from your webinars to avoid the poking. Do you think you might be willing to coach me on changing my view of poking if I bring it up in the Talk to Me webinars?

  4. Are there statements to read for the 100 or more activators like with the unconditional love activator?

    I was wondering if reading these regularly while using the effortless abundance activator, would it help?

    Just that i read the unclove statements and listen to the audio most nights quite reliably.

  5. Will, the statements are in the members area of the second phase activators. Reading the statements is problematic, because it goes to your mind, and the energy in the effortless abundance activator is bundled… doesn’t have enough specific push for each statement. This is why you only have 20% of the unclove and 8% of the second phase… Not enough energy accompanying and pushing the individual statements

  6. I assumed it was working because i yawned a lot and got watery eyes when reading them, a poor assumption it seems.

    I was crap with the second phase and connecting and missed the last half so that 8% doesnt surprise me.

    In other news i tried the freecell while watching 9 long falun dafa lectures and did experience an occupied mind and was able to listen at the same time, great.

  7. It was reviewed on the site and i am interested in the exercises only which was 300 if connected?

    Not interested in what goes with it but would like to find a high vibration qigong exercise routine above 500 if possible, do they even exist?

    I think the cultish crap in the lectures, of dont practice other things has gotten to me, a fear of doing the wrong thing, I’ll shake it off.

  8. you see, once it becomes a cult it starts to go downhill… because now it has something to protect.

    You can’t grow and protect your position at the same time.

    try tai chi instead of chi gong. (qigong). Tai chi doesn’t have any claims, so it doesn’t have to be right. Chi gong, on the other hand, needs to insist that it moves energy… a position that needs to be emphasized and protected… thus chi gong’s vibration is 200

    Everyone can move energy, that is true. But the myth built around it, the different styles of moving energy is a lie: because now it is competing opinions, styles, and now it is not about moving energy, it’s about whose style is the true style… do you see, that the natural ability to move energy now became something sacred, and bullshit.

    On the other hand, the millions of people who do tai chi learn to get lost in controlling their movements, their timing, their posture, and it is so hard, it will keep you busy till you die. good busy. limbering up, becoming a person who is in control of themselves.

    Now, that is something to strive for.

    No need to join a group, you can do it yourself, by yourself. And win big.

    You see, the reason the activators can’t reach you is because of your lack of self-control, your self-importance, your insistence of wanting high vibration… too much wanting, no self-control, no allowing, no melting into…

    Tai Chi is the perfect tool for a bloke like you.

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