Why do I use energies in my coaching? Why don’t I just talk to you?

lasting-resultsTalk therapy doesn’t work. Coaching doesn’t work. Transformational programs don’t work. 1

But why? And if they don’t work: why are there so many testimonials on the internet?

These programs don’t work, because at best they give you temporary results, like flash in the pan.

Your actions come from what you see, and what you see can be altered with a conversation. But what you see will be temporary.

Why? Because the past gets into your eyes. Because unless you have a ton of distinctions, everything will look the same as everything else…

I have tested myself at one point, and I tested “no” to 100 emotional states, 100 beingness….






The question I asked: Do I know what X feels like? And the answer was no. I didn’t know what being loved felt like. I didn’t know what respect felt like. I didn’t know what self-control felt like. I didn’t know…

I mean, I knew the words. I knew what the words meant. But there was no connection between me and the words, other than mental.

At that point I had created connection with a few words: authenticity, generosity, brilliance, contribution… in 25 years…

So I needed a faster method if I wanted to have a full range of feelings… feelings I could feel, feelings I could appreciate, feelings I could distinguish.

Feelings that were missing… and until I muscle tested it, I didn’t know they were missing.

But without those feelings you are a dumb/numb person.

And these were just the feelings! What else was I missing?

So I created the activators of the second and the third phase, 110 activators to activate the missing feelings.

I just hung up with a guy who behaves as if he had to earn his keep every moment… so he talks and talks and talks… And no matter how many times I tell him that he was boring, or how many times I tell him he doesn’t need to sell me again and again, he just keeps talking. The same is with love…

He thinks that because we are talking he is getting better, but he isn’t…

Why? Because he has no idea what he could be feeling, instead of the nagging uncertainty he actually feels.

He could feel certain. He could feel confident. He could feel like a million bucks. He could feel appreciated. He could feel like a winner… but he has no idea what those feel like.

And you can’t explain… the mind thinks you are feeling it, but you are only thinking it.

So unless he becomes an energy client, he will never feel those… NEVER.

And even he had a ton of money, even if he had a ton of success, he would have only 2-3-4 different ways to be, the ones that are activated, one of those is “uncertain,” being at the mercy of others, impending doom.

Now, you may think that this guy is especially screwed, but you are screwed too… instead of 2-3-4 ways, you may have 5-6-7 ways to be… as opposed to the hundreds of ways a Human Being can be.

Impoverished life.

And if we go back, your actions come from what you see. If you can only see 5-6-7 things, then everything still looks the same as everything else, and you can only be 2-3 different ways, and act 2-3 different ways.

My job as an energy assisted transformation master is to cause you to have a richness, a lot of ways of being, and then practice them so what you see can be the cause of an incredible life, or if that is too much, what you see can be the cause of a good life.

Success rate comparison

  • What is the success rate of a transformational program? 1-week out: 2%, one month out: 0%
  • What is the success rate of energy assisted transformation? 1-week out: 5%, one month out: 10%, one year out: 20+%.

Transformation over time: Lasting results

Why does the effectiveness grow with time, while a regular transformational program’s effectiveness diminishes?

Because with time you’ll DO things, notice things, that come from the new distinctions that I installed, energetically, in your matrix.

The more time passes, the higher the actual presence of the new capacities for feelings and being.

Why isn’t the success rate 100%? Why doesn’t everybody transform permanently?

  1. Because you can resist the energy, and if you do, it won’t do what it’s supposed to do on the DNA level.
  2. Because you need to see the shadow of the new capacity… and a large percentage of people refuse to see anything that has darkness in it.

I have a friend who has never seen anything dark, neither inside, nor outside. His soul correction is “Removing hatred”… but he can’t, he won’t see it. He simply uses cheerful and rose colored glasses as a strategy to avoid seeing his dark side… There is no hope for him.

Is there hope for you?

For the next course I lead, the Second Phase activators class, I will test every participant if they are part of the 80% of resistant to change, and won’t invite them, won’t accept them to the live course…

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  1. There are a few programs that claim to use energies, but in my experience those programs don’t work either. Why? Because the energies are not precise. They may cause temporary improvement, but won’t effect the DNA, where the capacity needs to be turned on for lasting transformation to become possible… Possible, but not certain, by the way. Read on, I’ll explain why it is not certain.

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