High vibration – low vibration: what does it really signify? What does it really mean?

the dark side of leavesEveryone wants to have their vibration measured. But they don’t know how to measure vibration, and they don’t know what the number they get means.

This is an old article that is as relevant today as it was when I wrote it. It clarifies what low vibration, high vibration is, and how to raise your vibration…

I woke up late today. I could recall my dream. It was nightmarish, but it was a guidance dream. A first in a long long time.

I was in a mental hospital, in Hungary, talking to my psychiatrist; young,innocent, pregnant, terrified of me.

I was explaining that we all have a dark side, as long as the light source is outside of ourselves. She asked: even a sheet of paper has a dark side? Yes, no matter how thin paper is it has a dark side.

Slice it even thinner… but…

No matter how thinly you slice the paper, it will still have a dark side and a light side.

That was the dream… the rest of the guidance happened while I was sitting in the cold room on the edge of my bed… the only way to have no dark side is to be the Light.

Which means…

the imaginary wall between the light and youWhich means, that if I wanted to explain to someone what their vibrational reading means, I could now say that the level to which they have no dark side, the level to which they have become their own light.

To the degree you are waiting for light from the outside… to the same degree your vibration is low.
To the degree that you pretend to be anything… to the same degree your vibration is low.

The vibration of the planet is low. And no, all the messages of planetary ascension are bull crap: the planet is getting darker… the vibration is getting lower.

  • Pretending to be heavenly is not heavenly.
  • Pretending to be light is not light.
  • Trying the make the planet a beautiful place is not high vibration because you are doing it to hide your own darkness, a way to deal with it.

When you connect to Source, you connect to the Light and for the moments that you are connected you are the light. You actually disappear as a you, and all there is is the light.

Some people actually do connect but drag their “I” with them… and guess what: their is a dark side! No matter how close you get to the Light, if there is a you, there is a dark side.

Only when the “you” dissolves and disappears, that the dark side disappears.



What disappears the dark side in you?

It is probably the most important question you can ask.

Some people say: you will yourself to be good… you think positive, you meditate, blah blah blah.

  • I have muscle tested people who do that, and I know the answer. The answer is: it didn’t work for them
  • I have muscle tested the method directly, and the answer was “no”.

On the other hand, people in programs like my Second Phase Activator course, raised their vibration, reduced their dark side significantly.

It uses a combination of

  1. energy bursts called activators
  2. exercises for seeing the dark and the light and choose
  3. clarity… of how reality works on the energy level

Why does vibration go down after it has gone up before?

Now, here comes a very important question you have been asking forever: why does vibration go down, even after it went up? After all gurus used to be higher vibration! And my students lost their vibration too!

What happens that pushes down the vibration? Is it even worth it? It is like falling from heaven!

In another article I explained that raising your vibration is like swimming against the current, swimming against the tide. The moment you stop swimming, it takes you back where you started and beyond.

Gurus stopped swimming. My students stopped swimming.

Some of them swims a little bit from time to time, and their vibration stayed semi-high.

And one of them, after reading my articles, went back to review the old course, and her vibration has started rising again.

What creates the current? What creates the tide?

Thinkers of all ages have been asking those questions hoping that they can counter it with some divine intervention, some trick, a move…

That intention, to create some trick, is what has given birth to gods, and devils, and entities, and angels, and spirits.

The current is like gravity. You can’t explain it, at least I think it hasn’t been explained.

Gravity is… it is without a cause. And so is the current. The movement upwards, to the direction of evolution is hard and is fought against by the force of the current.

Life was born in water, where there is no gravity, or not much. Then came ground, and then air. It took billions of years, I am not sure about the numbers, but lots of generations to conquer and adapt to the current that protected that level of evolution.

The next level of evolution for life is human being. A species that is itself Light. The godlike species people have been predicting.

It may never happen. At this point in time I am the only one with the energies that push people through the barrier.

But an even bigger reason I say it may never happen, is because humans are comfortable in their shadow existence. No real desire to rock the boat. Not even enough to allow the “self” burn in the heat of the Light when you connect to Source. Not even seconds.

Oh well… the experiments go on. I am working on the Second Phase Activators course to make it more effective with assignments that target your different styles of doing things, your different styles of thinking.

Update: The Second Phase Activators Course did happen, and it was grand.

I have also put all those energies into one bundle. I call it the “Effortless Abundance Activator”

You can buy it. Most likely you’ll need to infuse it into your water, unless your vibration is above 200.

Check out the Effortless Abundance Activator

It has 192 activator energies. With daily use and exercises, it will raise your vibration so you can live in abundance.

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