DNA activation: Human DNA is like a Christmas tree: it has lots of light on, and even more lights off.

active-and-inactive-dna-capacityHuman DNA is like a Christmas tree: it has lots of light on, and even more lights off.

A light on is a human capacity that is active. A light off is a human capacity that is not active.

Evolution of the species is an inside job. It happens on the DNA level: some capacities turn on.

But how do these capacities turn on, and why isn’t everybody the same on the level of DNA?

A DNA capacity turns on when it’s needed. Comfort, peace, smooth living don’t turn on new capacities.

You don’t need them. You could use them, but you don’t need them.

When I came to America, I spent all my money… it wasn’t much anyway. Eventually I made a habit of asking myself every time I wanted to buy something: do you want it or do you need it?

It was hard to tell. I wanted most things and therefore I felt I needed them.

This is not the kind of need I am talking about when I say that DNA capacities turn on when you need them.

You have to be seriously challenged, and there has to be tremendous energy demanding of you to have that capacity.

forrest-gum-running-for-his-lifeForrest Gump wore braces and didn’t know he could walk without them. But when the thugs were chasing him, he ran, first with the braces, and then the braces fell away. He never stopped, he won races, he just ran.

That was a new capacity for him. He ran for his life…

When were you last in a life or death situation? Probably never.

Then some life or death situations are invented, do or die promises are like that. You promise to do or die… like when Hernando Cortez burned the ships to force his crew to win on the shores of Mexico in 1519…

But it takes a person with a desire burning enough to create a do or die promise. It is not a dime a dozen: in fact it is really rare.

Then these are the people who go and take classes, courses… and do nothing with them.

Most teachers deal with this type of people: the students who don’t learn anything… Never do the homework, never invest much… And if the students don’t learn, they don’t come back, they don’t rave about the course, because without doing the work, without doing the homework, there is no learning, there is no results.

If you look at the testimonials of any teacher, course, program, they are written hours after some EXPERIENCE, but people, no matter what school, no matter what program, can’t show much if any lasting results worth mentioning.

I have made videos about this issue, I have written articles about this issue, I have had countless conversations about it, I have wrecked my brain until, this past Sunday, I stumbled on the realization that there is a capacity, hardwired in the DNA, that is not turned on for most people.

It was hard for me to see, because I had it turned on. My dad became an orphan at age 6. His mother died of starvation. He was thrown from relative to relative… then came the Holocaust… it took some decisive steps for him to even survive.

The life full of life and death challenges, where a wrong decision meant death… turned on the DNA capacity of seeing where your decisions lead you: death or success. So he had this capacity turned on. My mother didn’t, my brothers don’t, but I also turned mine on with my full of challenge life with lots of life or death situations.

The capacity, the inactive capacity, is the ability to look and see the consequences of any action… to be able to see ahead of time where an action leads… and choose the action that is the most advantageous for you.

It’s both a habit and a capacity.

We all know we need something… because we don’t know how to make decisions…

When you are pondering, and wrecked with indecision and anxiety because you have to make a decision: all that feverish mind-work is for naught: because unless you can see with your mind’s eye what will happen if you make this decision, and what will happen when you make that decision, it will be, even after countless hours, it will still be a coin toss.

You see, if someone does a program, and the program tells them to do this and that… and the person doesn’t have the capacity to see the outcome in time, they will not do the action, or they will do a version of it that will be ineffective.

Now, surprisingly, people cannot even foresee that their behavior offends others, or will create the opposite result than what they “should” get… they cannot see it.

The newest activator, created to counter this inability to see, created to turn on the inactive DNA capacity, is now given to a small number of people.

To my surprise, the first result of this activator has been an opposite kind of behavior: rushing, jumping, blurting stuff out… at least for the people that I have observed.

Why is that? Because suddenly the cautious politeness disappeared… but there is no new behavior yet. It’s actually quite amusing to watch.

But after a few days and few bruises people will settle into the new reality and look before they leap.

Don’t be mislead. You won’t get smarter with this new capacity. If you see something and make the wrong decision… oh well, it will be the wrong decision. If you don’t even look… you’ll get hurt.

If you push a door that has a clear sign on it: pull… you have eyes but you didn’t use them.

A capacity is a tool… if you don’t use it, it’s as good as having a tool box in the tool shed… locked away. No benefits from it.

Now, the other thing: if you haven’t put yourself in the position of having to choose, you think you don’t need this capacity. But you are choosing every day. Food, how to spend your time, who to call, what emails to answer, how much time to waste on the big time wasters, like Facebook.

How to talk to your husband, how to talk to your children. Do what martyrs do, or teach your people independence instead…

You see, once you can see, with X-ray eyes where your actions lead, you’ll take different actions.

If you look… of course.

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten this capacity activated, what are you waiting for?

Here is the link to do it: https://www.yourvibration.com/thesight

In the next article I go into more details on how to make your new activator the best tool you’ve ever bought.

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