Self-trust… do you earn it or do you just have it?

I wrote this article about two years ago. It is as valid as it was then…

self-trust is the secret or success... without it you won't startAs I unlock more and more abilities for people, as more and more abilities get activated, I am starting to see something new emerge.

When one ability is suddenly available, like the sight, other abilities that were already there can now be expressed. 1

It’s like this: to assemble a piece of furniture, they provide you with all the tools you’ll need.

Why? Because even if just one tool missing, you’ll have pieces that are not good for much. Pieces of wood, screws, some plastic parts… but not a shelf, a desk, or a cradle.

Same it is with skills and same it is with abilities.

Once, miraculously, the missing ability is provided, you start blossoming… and, of course, you don’t know what happened, unless you start to see the big picture, or unless you suspect that you had some abilities already activated by something that you did…

One of my students was born in Russia to a domineering mother, also very religious.

She also married to a fundamental Christian, bore him two children.

Then she met me and my work.

Now, what you want to pay attention to, is that she is in an environment that doesn’t support human growth: an environment that cherishes slavery: slavery to church, slavery to husbands.

Restrictions galore. And yet, she grows faster than any other student of mine.

Why? She has her freedom more restricted than is “normal” so her desire to be free is consequently bigger. She never bought into the slavery concept, she just went along with it, to survive.

Once she found tools to free herself from oppression, she started to use them.

And she went for it… she found that she had talent for massage… she found a massage school 100 miles from home. She camped, she stayed with cat-filled (and litter box filled) stinky houses, but she got her license.

She home schools her kids in spite of lacking support, and maybe even the knowledge she teaches.

She eagerly jumps on every challenge I provide her, and she grows grows grows.

Trusting herself was one of her missing abilities… she was still asking me to muscle test a lot of her decisions. And then… drumroll… when she got The Sight activated… her self-trust suddenly came out: it became available. Self-trust relies on The Sight to see the consequences of her actions, and see if she can handle it, see if she wants to go there… or not.

Makes no sense, right? It was there but not much used, especially in interactions.

She wrote me a long email: all suggestions how I can serve my “crowd” better… all valuable suggestions. I love them, and I’ll be able to implement a lot of them, maybe all.

The suggestions came from “The Sight” supported by the self-trust, to trust that communicating them is safe, and whatever I’ll say: she can handle it.

That ability that: whatever will happen, I can handle it, is what is self-trust. Of course, saying “I can handle it” willy nilly is stupid. Seeing that you can trust yourself, because you can… because you’ve proven to yourself that you can do what needs to get done, that you can keep your cool, that you can be well in harsh situations… And she has proven it to herself (and to me.)

It is missing in more people than maybe any other ability.

You have, mostly, proven to yourself, that you cannot handle it, that you’ll fall apart, or your word means nothing.

And although I can activate, I can unlock the ability, it will be useless until you start to build some proof, a foundation for trust, between you and you.

Now, here are a few paragraphs I will add today, October 2017:

Your actions will be in a perfect “dance” with what you see. Like seeing is the music, and you’ll dance with the music… not just move about randomly.

The problem is that you are unconscious of what you see. What you see is NOT what you think. What you see is what you see… but because you have moved deep into your mind, you haven’t been seeing what you see… you have resorted to thinking.

And this is where the memes, the thoughtforms that we can screen out with the Amish Horse Training Method, in the mind is where they take over…

Until you can disengage, and discount the memes that are displacing seeing, your life can’t change, or at least not in the direction you’d want it to change. It can get worse. A lot worse.

So this is why the first thing I recommend to do is the Amish Horse Training Method. It sound deceptively easy. But it isn’t that easy…

Now, word to the wise: engaging with the memes, the voices, is stupid.

You can only lose. When you engage with anything, you are on their schedule, on their agenda. That includes the voices, that includes everything.

So, the job is not to argue. The job is consider yourself Cinderella whose job is to separate the wheat from the chaff…

Awareness. Eventually you’ll know what is you, and what is a meme.

Or not… if you don’t do it. 99% of you will do it for a day and then quit. Why? Because it is not titillating, the results will come not instantly, but eventually. And you don’t have time for that, you say.

Stupid as the stupid does.

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  1. Expression is the technical term for DNA capacities… The DNA is there, but it is not expressed.

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