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the unwashed hands... the origin of most of our attachments that are killing usI see the so-called distance healers the same as the people who use coat hangers to perform an abortion. They may kill the child, they may kill both.

They pretend to be on your side, but really they are all about “desire to receive for the self alone”.

Distance healers leave their “channel” in you… like coat hanger abortioners leave the dirt and pathogens in you. And then you are on your own… suddenly not well. Suddenly carrying the proof of their guilt.

I was directly attacked by a “distance healer” today. They aimed at my tangerine spot but they don’t know where it is, so they missed it by about an inch. I pulled the attachment right away, but the skull where the attachment hit is now sore. Very sore.

Nice people.

A new client asked me to remove her attachments. As I was working on her, I noticed that her medical diagnosis is wrong: she doesn’t have what the doctors said they had. But when you have a hammer, everything looks to you like a nail.

She didn’t have pathogens in her brain. Besides: how would the doctors know she did: by exploratory surgery, right? But had they done that, they would have access to the brain… and the blood brain barrier would not matter would it?

The hammer: a 40K brain treatment. The nail: sinus infection. Not a nail. Not by a long shot.

The poor woman has been disabled for two years… I even question the original diagnosis: Lyme disease.

Nice people

The world is full of nice people who feast on your misery, especially if they can add to it.

You may be one of them. I remember when I was. Not that long ago, by the way. I think it all ended abruptly in 1998… when I first learned about the three levels of values… I suddenly saw myself… It was horrible.

Nice person? I wasn’t.

Almost all highfoluted qualities, love, caring, respect, dignity, etc. are based on the capacity switched on: appreciation.

Seeing value on all three levels. Not a conscious act. When a capacity is turned on, your reaction to things is different, and you don’t have to know why. You don’t have to know the three levels of value. It is useful… but it’s not necessary.

Because Life knows it, once the capacity is turned on, you act in harmony with that…

Appreciation: seeing value will be the next activation that I’ll start next week.

Doesn’t it cut into my revenues? It probably does.

So why am I doing it? Because I can… lol. No, that is not why. I am doing it because I enjoy it. That’s not it either. So why am I doing it? I am doing it because the more activation I do, the clearer I become.

And the larger, the wider the foundation for the full activation of the Genghis Khan descendants become.

The three people have two things in common: their ancestry, and the fact that they don’t live life powerfully.

I have my job cut out for me.

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