You have a capacity activated will you be great right away?

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believe it or not, Hitler was a lot like your egoWhen you have a capacity activated… will you be great right away? Courageous, insightful, self-trusting?

One of the “results” I’ve been seeing is this:

The ego is responsible, or at least feels responsible for your survival. It’s like a domineering mother… it professes to know what is good for you and what isn’t.

Mothers will stop you from becoming all you can be… unless…

Unless you bother to sweet-talk them into seeing your side of the situation.

Negotiating, sweet talking, enrolling people who “should” be on your side is universally missing. I have spoken about that in the context of agreements you never made. 2

Because of this societal illusion that people are supposed to [fill in the blanks], mothers are supposed to pay attention to you, put your desires ahead of theirs, etc. people en masse never learned the art of enrollment… where you get the other person to see the situation from your side.

Enrollment is an art, and 50% of what Landmark Education teaches you is that art… except people think it is only so they can fill the chairs and their coffers… the truth is far from it.

Enrollment is missing in all areas of life… and it is missing with your domineering mother, your ego.

When you get a new toy, a new capacity, you want to play with it… but “Mother” gets scared.

So, oftentimes when people get a capacity activated, what I see is the opposite, I see stupid, I see infantile, what I see is the belligerent child resisting his mother… but playing with the new toy isn’t part of it.



screaming-motherOnce I manage to put this behavior in this context, that it can be a good sign… the sign that they got the capacity… I stop being angry, or frustrated.

After all, if that is so, I can start teaching what seems to be missing now… enrollment.

Without this art, “Mother” will not let you grow, in fact “Mother” will turn off the newly opened capacity, to keep you safe.

This is especially true if you are the type of person whose ego isn’t used to you taking wild turns and staying well, taking risks and winning.

In simple terms: if you have lived a cowardly life, ego is sure that you need to continue being cowardly… Why change something that works? Why rock the boat?

So your job is to expect this and be ready to have frequent enrollment calls with ego… where you assist them to get to your side.

You need to be prepared with promises, with proofs of previous wins, or you won’t get ego’s permission to proceed.

More than 70% of you need this even to get one new capacity to stay open and serve you.

And if ego knows you for your bombastic words and no action… you’ll have that past, that hurdle to overcome too… you are, as far as ego is concerned, a windbag… farting into the wind… Much talk, no action.

So, how do you enroll ego to allow, and even support you to fully realize a new DNA capacity, instead of turning it back off?

  1. Step 1: declaration: declare to, promise to ego that you are as committed to your well-being as it is. Be sure you mean it. Wait for the echo: make sure ego got it before you continue…
  2. Step 2: describe the change you are planning to make. Elaborate on why it is a good thing. Stay close to home… don’t jump to the airy-fairy years down the road results. Talk about today and tomorrow… that is where ego’s eyes are set.
  3. Step 3: promise that you’ll allow ego to hold your hand so it can pull you back when you seem to be in trouble… like crossing the street in traffic…
  4. Step 4: ask permission, support and wait for the echo. It is unmistakable.
  5. Step 5: if you got permission… proceed to actions that were impossible without the newly activated capacity. If no permission, go through the steps until you get that permission.

You’ll have a hard time doing this, because you have no idea about anything. You don’t know what you want, you don’t know why you want it, you don’t know what you need to do to get it.

But you can look more, you can ask even ego to help you with that… ego loves to help… and loves respect more than anything.

Be respectful. Ego is your friend.

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  1. Here are the two articles where I explain this agreement issue...
  2. Here are the two articles where I explain this agreement issue…

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