The capacity of accomplishment… the capacity of process

richard branson has the process capacity activatedI have tested every single person who I deal with regularly, and none of them have the “process” capacity turned on.

  • Warren Buffet has it on.
  • Steve Jobs didn’t have it on.
  • Bill Gates has it on.
  • Sir Richard Branson has it on.
  • Frank Kern (marketing genius) has it on.
  • Brendon Burchard (marketing genius) has it on
  • Jeff Walker of Product Launch formula fame has it on.
  • President Obama doesn’t have it on. The Donald doesn’t have it on.
  • Ryan Deiss (marketing genius) has it on
  • You may have it on if you won the Nobel Prize… But Einstein didn’t have it on.

It seems that those of us that don’t have it on are bumbling idiots… and find the path only by accident, sheer luck, or by someone leading us to it.

  • Genghis Khan bumbled his way to become the most famous conqueror in the world.
  • Hitler didn’t have it on… but some of his chief people who designed the process to exterminate entire races… they had it on. Obviously… lol… not very funny.

About 100 people total on the planet have it on. I am now part of that 100 with the golden touch…

Why golden touch? Because when you see how your actions fit into the whole, i.e. you see the process, you can turn lead to gold, not literally but essentially.

Of course, like every capacity, it is on a scale of 1 to 100 that it works or doesn’t work.

I was a zero on that scale before I activated the capacity. Now, a day later I am a 4%… I can see where it is missing, I can see where it would be useful…

Sir Richard Branson poses during the official launch of the Virg

  • Warren Buffet has it on 70%.
  • Steve Jobs didn’t have it on. 0%
  • Bill Gates has it on. 80%
  • Sir Richard Branson has it on. 70%
  • Frank Kern (marketing genius) has it on. 50%
  • Brendon Burchard has it on. 80%
  • Jeff Walker of Product Launch formula fame has it on. 30%
  • President Obama doesn’t have it on.
  • Ryan Deiss has it on. 80%

W. Edwards Deming, who invented the gradual and continuous improvement (kaizen) process that lifted the Japanese industry destroyed in WWII, above the USA’s, had it.

Now, you probably don’t know the marketers on this list… but their success is consistent with the percentage…

Steve Jobs had an ups and downs career. President Obama, well… what can I say?

My career is more downs than ups… albeit it has settled on being able to make end meet, consistently, in the past year or so.

Everybody talks about vision, visionaries

Everybody talks about vision, visionaries, but literally none of them know what they are talking about. Because a vision without a path, without a process is bad bad bad.

Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao had a vision and created disasters.
Robespierre had a vision: lots of death followed, including his own.

Bumbling idiots won’t have room in the next evolution of humanity, because bumbling idiots are impulsive and dangerous. They are all talk and no results. Or not what they hoped for…

You can ask me turn on the genius process capacity in your DNA

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