What do you use to avoid process?

here-is-the-processI just noticed that guessing is not a good method in process… neither is faking it, winging it, etc. It’s not a process if someone else cannot follow in your footstep! Ugh.

I can see that I need to change more things than one… especially guessing… I find it irresistibly funny… lol… even though I am not sure what is making me laugh out loud. But it tickles my funny bone that all my habits fly in the face of process.

Ego is trying to assert itself, yelling that it’s boring…

Some 30 years ago I participated in a seminar series on and for creativity. I have one thing I still remember: don’t bring creativity to how you wash your teeth. Bring creativity where it is called for…

And only having the process capacity now 7%, that I can see that I have been trying to do creativity on mundane actions, because I was locked out from where real creativity would have mattered: creating working processes.


The_Scientific_Method_as_an_Ongoing_Process.svgSome people, even without the capacity being fully on, can see the importance of processes, and they steal them… I didn’t, I couldn’t… I have bought a lot of process maps… no use to me then.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezo’s has the capacity 60%.

I don’t know anything, but I can share my experience: when I activate this capacity, while the energy is working, I feel intense pain in my Tangerine spot… as if the energy made moulding changes in the brain… I’ll keep on watching and observing… but I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

Even just noticing lack of process or presence of process starts to activate the capacity.

Now, here is a question to ponder: given that a capacity is either on or it’s off… how come different people have it active in their lives to different degrees?

If it is you? What do you think will or would interfere with the capacity fully working?

Read what the Law of Process is… in two articles I wrote almost a year ago:

  1. https://www.yourvibration.com/15997/glass-ceiling/ and
  2. https://www.yourvibration.com/16016/more-on-the-law-of-process/
  3. And this is not my article, but it’s worth reading… really

Read the articles, not to remember, but to get insights. Insights about the law, insight about yourself, insight about others.

When you get an insight, stop and write it down.

Trying to remember your insights is a fool’s process: the trying to remember blocks you from getting another thing… it acts as blockage.

That is why people who remember much are stuck with that… and never hear another word… I have students like that.

Then, when you are done reading, copy and paste your notes into an email or into the comments section, and send them to me.

You are doing it for yourself, by the way. It probably won’t make any sense to me… and that is OK. You are doing to elicit insights, and to learn a process that allows you to be smarter than you have been.

Whether you have asked for this new capacity or not, it will make a difference. If you do it… of course.

And here is the link again to get the capacity… If you are smart, you use it right away to get the insights… After all seeing is a big part of the capacity. Doing is secondary.

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