Your smarts don’t live in your brain. Comparing brains is a favorite job of scientist, but they are on the wrong track.

modern-human-neanderthalYour smarts don’t live in your brain. Comparing brains is a favorite job of scientist, but they are on the wrong track.

Instead they should ask questions that relevant… I wonder why they don’t think to answer relevant questions.

Questions like what happens when a really smart man has a daughter? How come that women, in general, are less capable, less able to make it in the world?

And the answer doesn’t live in the brain: it lives in the DNA.

Children inherit a combination of their parents’ DNA. A child can be smart, even brilliant as a potential, socialization will force a female child to shut down their capacities to please the parent, especially the mother, and dumb herself down.

chadorWhen it seems to be, behave, feel, against the survival instinct of the child, the ego will turn off the DNA of capacities that make the child too capable to fit in with the social norms of being a female in the given society. One of my female students has shut down two capacities and started to wear the chador to make herself fit in better… Talk about hiding your light under a bushel basket… she actually extinguished her light. Finally she accepted one capacity, the Process… we’ll see if she has the courage to stand out like a sore thumb.

I was lucky. My parents didn’t want me, so they neglected me. I grew like a wild child, and most of the societal norms weren’t imposed by my parents. They beat me, but they didn’t tell me what they expected of me, and I didn’t ask. I bore the beatings, and did what I wanted to do.

I managed to hold on to the DNA capacities I inherited from my father. Some of those were rare: he turned them on due to his harsh life, where unless he was capable, he would be killed in forced labor camp, during WWII.

My father had 41 capacities open. My mother 27. I got lucky in the DNA lottery.

I never married. Most men don’t want a wife to be capable outside of the home.

None of my married female students held onto or opened up new DNA capacities… while unmarried women, even if they lived in a marriage like cohabitation, are a lot smarter than those married.

One woman started to blossom where the family’s well-being was up to her… and she opened up new capacities…

If the difference were in the brain, we could say that female and male humans are not the same species. Because, when it comes to the brain: size doesn’t matter. Differentiation does.

And capacities… the DNA capacities tell the brain what to do… but capacities don’t live in the brain, although one of them, process, seem to actually physically alter the brain… but it could be an illusion.

Audio programs that work on the brain don’t make the listener smarter, they make the brain open up more synapses, make the brain more organized, but surprisingly to scientists, people don’t get smarter. They appear smarter, because they handle adversity, fear, performance anxiety, overwhelm better… but it is just the appearance of smarter… the capacities are not changed by those audios.

What do?

So far, my experiments with tens of students is that energetic commands do…

blood-benderCan anyone issue those commands? It seems not to be the case.

I don’t know what makes a capacity turn on… it could be an entrainment phenomenon: I didn’t start to successfully turn on capacities for people until I myself had 70 capacities open.

By now I have opened all my capacities, all 160… to one degree or another. So entrainment is not out of the question.

One could ask: is this what gurus meant by the power of sitting next to the guru? Satsang

But my experience is that sitting next to a person with more capacities doesn’t make a difference. When I activate a capacity, I download a strong energy with pre-decided pattern and frequency, to switch the DNA capacity open in a whole person… Some capacities, like the Process, it actually hurts to do it. Physical pain… as if it were remolding the actual physical brain.

Moreover, most gurus don’t have enough capacities active to do anything worth a dime. Osho had 20 capacities open. Krishnamurti had 10. The Buddha also 20. No wonder they cannot cause their beings to pass on with their teachings… No entrainment. Sorry to burst your bubble.

PS: comic book novel authors are closer to the truth than scientists are. I have expanded my picture of what I can do with the Avatar Nichelodeon series about the benders… tremendously. Just don’t consider those ablilities special. Most of them are part of the 160, encoded in the human DNA.

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