There are no aliens. But there are alien-like bugs

crystals that are aliveThis article will make you angry, or scared… And neither being angry, nor being scared is a good sign… they show that you have only a few human capacities active… and I probably can’t help you. Your best choice is to leave… Unsubscribe if you are a subscriber.

OK, here is the article:

There are no aliens.

There are no Aliens. But there are alien-like bugs.

When you search on google for alien bugs, you see bugs like you are used to, legs, eyes, pincers, and then something added… The imagination of graphic artists, movie makers, comic book writers is very limited…

Although there are no aliens, there are children. And children don’t have their moral compass, their reasoning, developed until much later… many years after their computer skills are fully evolved… computer skills used by little amoral alien-like creatures: children. They have their faculties not yet developed, their adult capacities not turned on yet, and they do a lot of things that can destroy their parents, them, or in the worst case destroy the planet.

They don’t know any better. I remember, I used to be one of them… get my parents almost killed. Not kidding.

I activate capacities for people. It is a lot like what nature does with children: turns on capacities like understanding the consequences of your actions, caring about people, and the consequences of your actions. Capacities that if your development was interrupted by your environment, adults, you don’t have either.

Most adults walk around with nothing more than what children have, which is about seven capacities. Some adults have even less… five. The more drama, the less capacities…

But some children have all kinds of mental, computer-like, alien-like capacities turned on, except the moral, human-being capacities that nature turns on. So they don’t have a moral campus, they don’t care and can’t care. They care about what they are doing at the expense of everything and everyone, including themselves.

Imagine two kids, child geniuses, genetically manufacturing a bug that is both a bug and a crystal. It can move… and it can grow… like a crystal. Roll. It mines for its raw material in humans… to grow itself. To multiply.

crystals that are aliveIt has stages of growth like a bug. It is hungry like a bug. And if you have it, it drives you crazy.

It creates sores on you. It lays its eggs in it, that hatch, inside the sore, and then when they are ready, they swarm looking for more sores to make.

They just need a little pressure, like the clothes on your skin, rubber bands, or your weight as you sit or lie sleeping. They don’t have effective pincers to break through the skin without the pressure. The most intense pain or itching you feel is when they transfer from clothing to the skin… some part of their anatomy tries to grab your skin… that hurts.

The size: below normal visible level. Color: near transparent, although the bug in the core is brown or black. The whitish crystal makes it blend into the skin, and also break the skin so it can breed.

How it moves… good question. Not legs. I think it rolls.

It is a tiny monster, monster like Frankenstein: manufactured by irresponsible kids… Unleashed to the unsuspecting world.

About a billion people have it.

Because the bug doesn’t look like a bug, it is discounted as a bug.

It gets into your nose, your eyes, your ears… tiny crystals that move, and itch, and try to create sores. It gets into your sinuses and cause chronic stuffiness there… It gets into your urethra causing pain, itching, burning, and frequent urge to urinate.

It also can’t be killed by poisons that normally kill a bug. It mines the minerals of your body, although the smell of blood makes them very active. Excited.

If you attack one group, all the bugs know: they communicate. How? Don’t know… yet. For a while I thought through skin, but they know when I kill one on the sheet… so now… I need more observation.

The question: can this bug kill humanity? The answer is yes. How long? Less than a decade.

How: through driving you to distraction… which means crazy. Which means unable to concentrate on life, your work… Just read the many shares on Morgellons sites… This is what they are dealing with, this bug.

Is there any way to counter these bugs? Individually: yes. I have a regimen that keeps their numbers low… quite involved though.

Societal level? No.

I am getting my answers from muscle testing.

And there is another key, my job of activating capacities for people: the more able you are to stay calm under pressure, so that you can see the big picture, so that you can allow things to be without getting complacent, so that you can be aware, conscious, awake, willing, and be hundred percent accountable for your actions, attitudes… all capacities dormant for most people.

The more capacities you have the more chances you have to be well, maybe even thrive under the duress of these attacks, people going crazy around you, etc.

I always wondered what the “Apocalypse” was going to be like… I think these bugs are it.

If you are the kind of human that you are holding your hand out, the fact that you need help is enough justification for you to get it… No one will be there to help you.

Getting, activating more capacities in your DNA, suddenly become more than a spiritual work… it becomes a necessity. Can you see it?

Will YOU be saved? Will you live past the Apocalypse?

One of my most evolved students declared two years ago: if it is to be, it is up to me.
Another one never said it: he lived it.

That is the slogan of the new humanity. If it is to be, it is up to me. 1

These are the people, and people who manage to become like them, who will have a chance.

I myself wasn’t going to be on of them… something was missing. You could observe it on me, because I wasn’t doing for me what I could do for me. I did everything for you, but not for me.

And then I turned on the capacity to “be deserving” and suddenly I was vigilant, I was aware, I stopped suffering and started to kill bugs in earnest… lol.

I now turn on “being deserving” for people early on.

But there is a stumbling block: unless humility, the capacity, can be turned on, nothing else can be turned on.

And despite all my efforts, the majority of people who follow me don’t allow humility to be turned on.

One of the ways you know you are beyond that level is this: if there is an emergency, do you start to hurry? Have thoughts of danger?

Or do you get calm, start breathing deeply, and get to work? Like me…

I am activating both humility and deserving in today’s webinar. It’s free for my subscribers. It’s at 12 noon.

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  1. Warning: repeating the words will not make it so. Unless you have the capacities that make it true, they will be just stupid affirmations, lies, and you know it

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